Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday to do list.

I work six days a week so my Sundays usually become rather packed with housework and other activities, and I thought I'd maybe just jot down a list of ten of the things that I hope to get to today.  In no particular order:

I)  Yardwork
     A)  Mow
     B)  Edge
     C)  Water
     D)  Trim trees?
II)  Finish stripping coffee table
     A)  Take photos
     B)  Decide on a finish type
III)  Clean floors
     A) Need to buy more cleaner
     B) Need to really figure out the correct finish and...wax? accordingly
IV)  Figure out why the brake lights and turn signals don't work on the MGB
     A)  Clean up garage again
     B)  Maybe just sit in car and make vroom vroom noises
          1)  Tell Katherine that I think I've figured it out
          2)  Spend time looking through parts catalogs
V)  Finish editing through our vacation photos so I can make a post about it
VI)  Reorganize the books so our built-ins look full
     A)  Take photos
     B)  Make long awaited blog post
VII)  Fix Katherine's clock
     A)  Her anniversary gift
     B)  Not a euphemism for domestic violence
VIII)  Fix Katherine's bike baskets
     A)  Go on bike ride
     B)  Maybe picnic
IX)  Paint porch furniture black
     A)  Buy more spray paint
     B)  A lot more
X)  Waste time on the internet while I finish my morning coffee
     A)  Three or four cups
     B)  In-progress

So there you have it.  I'd guess that I probably won't get anywhere near close to finishing all of these things, but it's good to know what lays ahead of you.  And I'll get to it all...eventually.

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