Monday, October 10, 2011

Before & After: Office

We knew when we moved in we needed some place to put Conan's computer (which currently resides downstairs because we don't have any AC and in the summer, this room is like an oven). We designed and built these shelves and the desk along with nifty sliding compartments for a printer/scanner. They really are super handy and when the weather permits, we'll move the computer back up here because it's a shame to waste this space.

 I got the (incredibly heavy) Brown-Morse office chair at the DAV for a whopping $3.50 and all of those fabulous old bookends, we got from a church that was going out of business (Do churches do that? Well, they were.)
Up next:
Speaking of paint, we got the bathroom paint (eek!)
Stripping an old door to it's original woody glory

Stay tuned!


  1. How many cameras does Conan haaave?? Geezzz.

  2. Lol. Just a few : ) I'ma let him field this question when he gets home.

  3. He says he has somewhere around 50. Those on the second shelf are Canon SureShot AF35ML. He's very proud of his collection : )

  4. Where can I find this desk? I love it :)

    1. You can find it at any hardware store or lumberyard. Of course, there's considerable assembly required. :)

      Actually, it's pretty simple to build, but it's just plywood and luan and some hardware. Unfortunately there's no plans for this that we followed, and we didn't really post about it since it was right after we moved in.

  5. I love how the corner wall-mounted shelving looks! Is that Elfa? I don't see the top track on either side -- is it there? Also curious if the shelves themselves are Elfa or from the hardware store? Thanks!

    1. I'm not sure what Elfa is but I'm assuming it's some awesome shelving unit from Ikea so no, these are not Elfa. They're just plain old wood and paint and those tracks you buy from Lowe's.

    2. Thanks Katherine! There's a few that all look very similar, but most seem to be copy cats of the Elfa system, which is from the Container Store:

      I believe Lowes sells a very similar ones by Rubbermaid called FastTrack and HomeFree... I guess you one of these?
      While it looks like Home Depot sells one called ClosetMaid.

      Ikea does have two, Antonius, but it looks pretty flimsy.
      and a more heavy duty one called Broder:

      They all seem to attach the same way, slotted horizontal bars that hang from a top vertical track that you first attach to the wall. I'm just curious which one is the best for using your own wood shelves -- or if they're all the same. It's just that the actually brackets all look slightly different and some appear like they're designed to attach only to their own shelves??


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