Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still Kickin'

Don't worry guys! The house didn't fall over, the tub didn't fall through the floor Money Pit style. We've just been extra busy putting all of the final touches on the bathroom. A lot of those final touches involve ordering things and sitting around anxiously awaiting their arrival. Some push button switchplates, handles for the faucet (yes, the sink does work, more on that later) and so on. In the mean time I thought I'd share the things we are working on. First up, as you may have noticed we don't have a vanity in this bathroom and our closet is now a shower so we needed a cabinet of some sort to put on the wall across from the sink, toilet and tub. I wanted something like this beautiful hunka cabinet from Project Nest. Glass doors, lots of storage. Bee-you-tee-full!

I craigslisted the crud out of it to no avail. And as much as I would love to drop a few hundred or even a cool thousand on something already ready already like this one from Restoration Hardware, I just couldn't do it. So one day, I spot this okay-ish cabinet at the DAV for $100.

Excuse the cell phone picture. Also excuse that dude that's all, "Hey, you can't take pictures in the DAV!" or something like that. Idk, he looks concerned. Anywho, it had the basic look. One problem:

It was a TV cabinet.
It was the shape I wanted, it had good bones and it seemed workable. So, we bought it and lugged it up the stairs (it was heav-to-the-eeeeeeee!) only to find that it was just a few inches too deep and with that huge trim up top it seemed a little severe. Conan got to work immediately, tearing off the trim on top and my handy-dandy dad ripped about 6 inches off the back and replaced it with beadboard. As for the glass doors I wanted, this past weekend we used the niftiest tool known to man, the SoniCrafter, to remove the middle portions

What we were left with, after a little sanding was this:

My dad also routered the back of the cabinet doors so we could slip in a piece of glass once they've been painted. I know it looks a little worse for the wear now but once we've added some new trim to the top, some shelves and paint it will be exactly what I wanted and at a price I feel good about. I can't wait until it's all done so I can show you guys the finished product.

In other news, we finished wiring the lighting fixtures that we took from the office and I just got over myself and went and got some fairly descent shades from Lowe's. They're simple, they work, so there. The lighting's bad in this picture but in reality, the light they give off is the perfect glow for taking a bath.

Speaking of bath. Who's that gremlin in ours? 

It's Maggie! She's been jealous of all this bathtime attention Shorty's been gettin' so she decided to do a little improv photo shoot of her own. Look at that vogue. Dangerous!

Like I mentioned earlier, that weird sink we bought off Craigslist is actually hooked up and working! I'll post about it next along with a video of it in action since it's just too weird to explain.

Oh, and...

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Found your blog off of Design Sponge. Loved looking through the process of putting this bathroom together. Getting ready to remodel and 1918 home, myself and feeling much inspired by you people!

    1. Thanks! You can do it! (Just learn from all of our mistakes ; )

  2. Hey, just wanted to say I like this post! Looking forward to seeing the cabinet when it's finished. I am gathering ideas for my black and white bathroom re-model. Would you post a pic of your floor? I saw the other post with your "inspirational" floor tile, but I don't see a full pic of your own. I get an idea from the cute cat pics above, but would love to see one where the floor with trim accents is the focus.
    Lastly, I love the lighting fixtures, and your tub looks great! Keep up the good work and blogging!


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