Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ceiling Progress & Thrifting

As of right now we've got one coat on about half of the kitchen ceiling. In case you're wondering, that's just enough to be able to stand in the living room or laundry room, squint your eyes, hold up your hand and imagine the whole thing all beautifully done. Can't wait! Here are some pics:

I'm really encouraged by how it's looking! I'm also encouraged by all of the nice comments from you guys saying that you like the idea. We got the paint for free from ACE Hardware (they were doing a special last Saturday to roll out their Clark + Kensington paints) and I really like it as well. It's my first experience with paint and primer in one and so far, it's very nice. 

Hopefully we'll get the paint finished this week and be on our way to lighting the room using our old radiator pipes. If it works it's going to be pretty neat. If it doesn't...oh well - we didn't have to pay for them! 
I also went thrifting yesterday and found a couple of awesome things.
Thing one:

Shutters for the bathroom! Hey, trust me, it's awesome if I say it's awesome and shutters...are awesome. We were going to buy some when we were at Mylissa's since they were only like, 3 bucks each but we hadn't measured the window beforehand. We planned to go back and get them but when I called Mylissa's last week they said they'd be closed until mid April : (
So I was perusing the racks at the world's busiest DAV yesterday and happened upon these bad boys, marked down from $4.98 to $2.98 each! (btw, what's with all the 98s DAV? Haven't you seen those JCPenney commercials?) They need a little piece of wood added on each side to make them fit and they need a coat of paint but they're pretty much perfect! 

Thing two:
This amazing old dresser. Also purchased at the world's busiest DAV yesterday for a cool 25 bones. A day that, might I add was particularly rainy and seeing as how they make you load the furniture yourself was kind of...interesting. I got it shoved in the back of the car and had every intention of putting it in the guest room closet but once we got it in the house I just had to try it out next to the fridge and guess what, I loved it there. LOVED it. The extra storage will be nice for dish towels and cookie sheets and I just like the way it looks with the black and white floor in there and once the ceiling is done I think it will complement the whole space nicely. 

Well, I've gotta' get in that kitchen and finish painting the ceiling now. I also have a little project in mind for our hand-me-down fridge that may or may not involve paint as well. Hmmm....
Stay tuned!


  1. Kitchen ceiling looking good. I'm looking forward to the lighting you mentioned. Please post pictures even if it doesn't work out. I'm just so curious as to what you'll be doing!

    Also, LOVE the dresser. Brilliant idea to use it in the kitchen.

  2. Thanks goosefairy! I'll absolutely post pictures even if it's not a success!

  3. I agree the ceiling is coming along good. I'm getting excited now to get to ours.
    Love the thrifty finds! Especially the shutters (and the kitty in the tub).

  4. Thanks Vinnie! I can't wait to see how yours turns out! And P.S. that tub gets more use from the cat than from either of us!


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