Friday, March 9, 2012

Sink a Dink

Remember that wierd sink we got off of Craigslist last spring?
The one with no faucet holes and no faucet?
The one that I tried relentlessly to get more information about through every resource known to man? (Ask This Old House, I'm looking in your direction...)

Well, a couple of weeks ago we finally got it in working order!
I've already showed you a picture of it in this post but just in case you missed it, here is the sink when we bought it


And here it is now

So that's our $60 Craigslist find. All shined up and working like a charm. My mom and I took all of the plumbing that was under the sink apart, gave it a good bath in CLR, another good bath in WD40 and then reassembled it. The parts we didn't have, we were lucky enough to pick up at our local True Value Hardware store - on a side note, those guys at Hupp Hardware were THE most helpful group of people I have ever met. For real. That's where we got those escutcheons you see on the wall ($7 each). The cross handles are vintage from our trip to Mylissa's Garden ($3 each). So, I bet you're wondering how a sink with no faucet (you can see) works. I made a little video to show you how:

Neat, huh?
If anyone has a sink like this or has ever seen one and knows a little more about where they came from we would LOVE to hear from you!
What do you think? Would you ever consider fixing up a vintage sink?


  1. Ah, the sink looks amazing!! I've been following your bathroom reno pretty closely - we have really similar visions for our bathrooms. (I even stripped the paint from the door of mine, too!!) That is the weidest and most awesome sink ever. I love the hugeness of the area around the bowl, so handy for resting items!

  2. Thanks Christine! Now that you mention it, I do need to get the door put back up :D And yeah, we got this one because of the huge area around the bowl. I gotsta have some place to sit my things!

  3. We had a sink like that (Mamie Eisenhower pink no less) and the thing I remember not liking about it was how hard it was to get your hands fully under the water when you were trying to rinse the soap off. Other than that, I loved the vintage nature of our sink.

    Your bathroom is really coming along.

  4. You know, goosefairy I've actually had one other person tell me they've seen a sink like this and it was pink too! I was worried about it being difficult to get your hands under but so far, so good. Time will tell if it's as functional as it is cool looking : )


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