Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cheap Plant Party

Cheap plant party over here, y'all!
Where my cheap peeps at?

Too much?

I just get so excited for cheap stuff, you guys! Cheap plants are no exception. While at Lowe's today (for like the fourth day in a row) getting stuff for the light hack of the century, my mom and I stopped by the garden area, natch. Imagine my surprise to find plants already marked to closeout!
Here's the haul:

Six plants.
Nine. Doll. Hairs.
(hey, they're not worth nothin')
Shameless 30 Rock reference only Conan will get.

But I mean, $9!!!

I got two ornamental grasses to go on the north side of the house. Every good Kansan must have ornamental grasses in their yard. It's in the handbook. Go check. These things love heat and aren't too thirsty. Perfect Kansas plant.

I got three of the creeping phlox for $2 each. I think we're going to put these near the driveway.

And did you see that wierd thing in the middle? That's a Coral Cactus. Super cool lookin' thing and not something I would normally get but...

$1.00 (with the container)? Yes, please!
He's inside in what I am now affectionately referring to as "Cactus Corner".
And yes, I realize those other plants aren't Cacti. It's just that...he's new...and I want him to feel...special. "Name-a-corner-after-me" special.  

I did buy one plant at full price ($3.00).
I just couldn't resist.
I mean, look at this thing:

The picture is deceptive. He's actually like two inches across. TWO adorable inches!
My mom said it reminded her of a dinosaur.
The lady at the register said it looked like an alien.
I just think it's cute.

Yay! Cheap plants! Now back to those lights.


  1. Woot woot! Love the crassula capitella. Yay for plants (especially succulents & cacti)!

    1. Crassula Capitella! That's it! I threw away the container without writing it down. Thanks Jennifer, I can always count on a fellow succulent lover :)


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