Monday, April 16, 2012

Trouble Light Cages

Phew! What an exciting weekend! If you watch the weather channel for fun or you're a storm enthusiast you may have heard about the some 100 tornadoes that tore across the great states of Kansas and Oklahoma on Saturday, including the one that was headed straight for our house. No joke.

We had quite a bit of advance warning as meteorologists in the area had been talking about severe weather on Saturday since the previous Saturday. Still, even after we went in the basement and turned on the streaming coverage on my laptop, we were pleasantly aloof. I've lived in Kansas for about 15 years, Conan has lived here his entire life (31 years) and between us have seen about a million tornado warnings (Heck, I even spent a good portion of my senior prom sitting on the floor of the boys locker room with my hands wrapped behind my head!) but we both agreed that this was the first time we've seen a meteorologist highlight the street a block away from us and say, "It's headed up this street." Long story short, it hung a right. We're fine, the house is fine but a lot of other people in Wichita weren't so lucky.

Now on to more trivial and lighthearted things.

Saturday afternoon (pre-storm) my precious cages arrived for the lights!

They were perfect!

I spray painted them (my most favorite color) Rust-Oleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze.
And hung them up in about five minutes. 

The bottom of the cages open and close for easy light bulb changing. I have them each open a little differently right now just for some variety.

I also finally put up this lamp my mom gave me several years back.

He's a cutie, for sure.
Now, if you'll excuse me, it's sunny outside, there's barely any wind and I don't have to work! To-do list, be gone!


  1. now i'm even more impressed, these look sooooooooooooo gooooooood. glad that you are safe. have a good {tornado-free) week Katherine.

    1. Thanks Helene! Hopefully we're tornado free for a long, long while!

  2. How scary. So glad your home was spared - so sorry for those who weren't.

    Love the lights! I think you did a very good job on those!

    1. It was scary! We played it cool 'til the last minute then we got reeeeaaal quiet.

  3. love the lights, we are copying your idea! we've been coveting real trouble lights at antique shops and at the same time thinking about shades for our straight metal pendants in the kitchen of our own 1917 project. thanks for helping us put 2 & 2 together and sharing your ideas in general, you guys are inspiring!

    1. Thanks! Happy to help! Hope they turn out great : D


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