Monday, May 14, 2012

Accidental Kitchen Remodel: Are We There Yet?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Painting the kitchen took a little longer than I expected. We used enamel paint that I had bought for the bathroom about a million years ago and that stuff takes a while to dry and the subsequent fumes may or may not have driven me

So, I'm really really sorry for not posting for a week. The guilt overcame me though, and so I took a few pictures of what I could without showing the whole room since frankly, all of our dishes are still sitting on the dining room table/floor waiting to be re-washed. I don't really mind not having a dishwasher most of the time but this week? This week it would have been handy. So, we painted the kitchen a nice, shiny white and after some careful consideration of three different Martha Stewart for The Home Depot drawer pulls I decided on the brass ones (i.e. the ones on sale for $3.78 each).

They do I put this? DELICIOUS. The fact that they were also cheap, bonus!
All told, the drawer pulls and hinges were probably the biggest expense in the entire "Accidental Kitchen Remodel" coming in around $75. (I'll detail my expenses when we're all finished).

Here's an instagram picture I took of a whole row of drawers all done.

P.S. If you followed us on twitter you'd be privy to awesome shots, like that one, of our kitchen goings on and whatnot even when I'm being a bad blogger. Just sayin'. Do it.

During this trip to The Home Depot I also came across some Edison style bulbs that were a little lower wattage than the ones we tried the first time. They are also very gorgeous when lit. In spite of what this terrible picture I took might tell you. Trust.

We also put up a curtain that I've had since my single, apartment-livin' days. Very noice.

And my new pride and joy, this picture that Conan found in the back of the store he works at. He blew it up and we slapped it in a frame I got at the D.A.V. thrift store.

Look at those cowboys! They really do look like a rough and tumble bunch when you see them in person. And I mean, what kind of Kansas kitchen would this be without a picture of some rough and tumble, Dodge City types?

Love it so much. Thanks, Conan! Oh, and speaking of the potential geo-scientist in our midst...
Conan finished the second semester of his first year in hot pursuit of a Masters in Geology. Which is WAY more impressive than any project I could ever complete. Congratulations, Conan. You're awesome!

Now I've got to get in there and get our dishes off of the floor and onto the newly painted shelves so you guys can get some real deal After pictures.



    "Accidental", ha. A geo-scientist eh? Does he want my 4-H framed fossils from 20 years ago? I think there's a rock tumbler in my parents' basement too.

  2. Yup. This "remodel" quickly took on a life of it's own. One day I would be all, "Should I tear up the floor?" and then two hours later, I'm pulling staples like my life depended on it. Oohhh "vintage" fossils! I think there's probably a market for that on Etsy. We have a pretty sweet rock collection, though. Which, to most of our guests just looks like we're decorating our mantel with driveway pebbles. Oh well : )

  3. love your little glimpses... can't wait for the finished kitchen. the drawer pulls are gorgeous, i would have bought them myself. and that cowboy photo? it rocks! and coongrats from me as well ;-)

  4. Thank you!!! I can't wait for Conan to take some nice pictures of it so I can show it off : )

  5. Glad to hear it's inching towards completion! Any particular reason you decided to go with full-blown enamel? Just cause you already had it on hand? Just curious since I'm facing a kitchen painting job in the not to distant future...
    And congrats to the geologist as well!

    1. Thanks! We went with the enamel because we already had a gallon of it on hand from the bathroom remodel. Otherwise, I probably would have went with regular latex. Enamel is nice because it's incredibly durable and easy to clean in a kitchen but it also stinks to high heaven so proceed with caution : )

  6. You two are both just so amazing. I'm loving the fact that Conan is a geologist. So cool. And, (ouch), quit twisting my arm! Ok ok! I'm following you on twitter now! Geez.

    1. Aw, shucks! Thanks so much : ) I'm forwarding all of these kind comments to Conan as well. HE'S the amazing one! And thanks also for joining us in tweeter-land!

    2. Just finished getting caught up. Nice way to get just a leetle bit more of my "keep smiling" fix in!


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