Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Lamphouse!

As you may or may not recall, a couple of years ago (October 2012 to be exact) we had this wild idea that we were going to buy a camper and turn it into a traveling photography studio and darkroom. 

Well, it wasn't easy but with a LOT of help from my parents, a LOT of trial and error, and a LOT of crying (me : / ) this space...

became this...

and on the last Friday of June, one year ago, the Lamphouse Photo Co. made its first public appearance! 

This Friday (tomorrow, June 27th), we'll be celebrating our first year with the "Lampy" camper and if you feel so inclined you can come see us at Reverie Coffee Roasters (2611 E. Douglas) from 6-9 PM.

I'll be in the darkroom but you can hang out with Conan and enjoy the AC for a minute. It's always fun when blog and business worlds collide so please bring your smiling faces down if you have time! 

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