Friday, July 25, 2014

Yellowstone, There's No Place Like Home

The thing I love most about vacation is how much it makes me appreciate coming home. Sure, it's always sad to end a trip but boy, does it feel good to use your own bathroom : ) 

Just the other day, we returned from what we'd affectionately referred to as "the trip of a lifetime" to Yellowstone National Park. So if it seems like I kind of put the projects and the guest room and the blog on hold for a second, it's because my mind was racing with campsite reservations and packing, and my most favorite pastime, making lots and lots of lists. 

If you're planning a trip there yourself or you're just curious what it's like here's a few pictures. 

We drove through Colorado and Wyoming (stayed at our first Airbnb which was really reassuring since we're planning to rent out our guest room on there in the near future) and camped in Canyon campground for four nights.

It was unreal. I'm sure that's a given but until you've seen it for yourself, there's just no way to imagine it.

 Conan had actually been once, about three years before we got married and although I had seen all of the pictures and heard all of the stories I was not prepared for a) boiling mud or b) the sheer volume of people who are there. 

Now, I'm going to brag a little bit so brace yourself. 
We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on this trip (July 18th) and since it's our wood anniversary, Conan made me these amazing magnets! 

Can you even believe that? When I saw them, I called him at work to make sure he didn't just buy them before I went and started telling everyone he made them!

They're taken from a picture of us last year on our anniversary.

So cute, so talented, so easy to brag on : ) 

But now, vacation's over and it's back to work on the house and the Lamphouse. Before we left, we had managed to do quite a bit of work on furnishing the guest room so that our friend Lisa could stay in there while she house-sat.

New linens, new curtains on both windows, toe-smashing radiator pipes gone, two new outlets, pretty new rug, and a Dollar Tree trashcan spray-painted gold (which I will totally do a DIY of later this week, lol).

I'll post some more pictures once I've gotten everything settled and unpacked. In the meantime, have a great weekend and Keep Smiling!


  1. No worries, those magnets are totally brag worthy. My guy and I both wear glasses regularly, and I would love these as a gift.

    1. Email us a photo and pay the shipping and I'd be happy to see what I can do!

  2. Love the new masthead, LOVE the magnets, and loving the fact that you're 90% done with the house. Congrats on 5 years!

    1. Thanks for the kind words but whoa, whoa, whoa who said anything about 90% done? I'm thinking we're about 25% done...maaaayyyybe : )


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