Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Exterior Painting Prep, Guest Room Complete, and ANOTHER Photo Booth

Ahoy, hoy internet friends! It's been about a minute (thousands of minutes, actually) since we've graced this blog with our presence. Truth is, we've been BEYOND busy with house-related things and non-house related things. I'll just dive right in because, I feel like, if I draft one more post, blogger is going to send me a letter. Like, 

Dear nice lady,
Please stop clogging the internet tubes with drafts you never intend to publish. It is slowing down the informations.
Your friend, Google McYahoo. 


I'll start with the non-house related stuff because it's at the top of my mind.

We added a photo booth to the fleet. Yup. We just can'

This one doesn't have wheels, thank the lord! We call it the Birdie Booth and Conan made it with his own two hands! What a guy!

Handmade Wood Photo Booth

It's basically the same equipment as the Grand Wagoneer photo booth but in a MUCH smaller package so we can get in on that sweet, sweet, wedding reception photo booth market here in Wichita. But, the Jeep is still around and speaking of which, I made a lil' video of it in action a few months back: 

Also, the little camper photo booth that could is still kicking, though mostly for promotional stuff and our own private, picture fun times. She did get a new, DIY marquee sign, though. Cute with a capital C, huh? 
Vintage camper photo booth sign

So, that's why we've been swamped. That and the fact that we FINALLY started renting out the guest room on Airbnb. We currently have a tenant staying with us for a month! Turns out, that's the majority of our requests - long term stays. Go figure! People don't want to stay in Wichita longer than a month. That should be our new city slogan: More than a day, less than a lifetime ~ Wichita!~

So, if you even remember, here's what the guest room looked like originally:


Then it got a little better with the addition of the antique bed I fixed up...

Guest Room Antique Bed

And finally, here's the ready-to-rent version!

Small Guest Room Antique Bed

New rug, new sheets, new bedspread, old everything else.

Guest Room Blue Bedding

It's quite a bit cozier and comfier now - Conan jokes that it's actually nicer than our master bedroom, which may be true but you know I've got plans for that...

Speaking of plans. We STILL have plans to paint the exterior of the house in the next year. We actually got a pretty decent start on it thanks to mom and dad of the century, Connie and Dave. Unfortunately, with the Lamphouse stuff and the whole, having someone stay with us for a month, it's taken a backseat. 

Before it got demoted to the bottom of the "to-do list from hell", here's a look at what we accomplished. 

 What seems like forever ago, my mom and I managed to scrape a good deal of paint off the porch railings and windows.

Scraping Porch Rail for Exterior Paint

Scraping Exterior Window to Paint

The porch isn't actually in awful shape - that's why we started there. But, the paint was practically falling off of the railings and the porch floor so it has to go. My mom touched up the glazing on the windows there (after this picture was taken) and hit the trim with this neat, paint feathering tool that works pretty okay for smoothing out bumpy paint that's not necessarily coming off.

Old House Soffitt Rebuilt

A BIG project that already makes the house looks a million times better is replacing the fascia board and soffit on the first floor roof. My amazing, awesome, beautiful, perfect parents did all of that pretty much while we were at an event with the Jeep. Man, I know we're lucky but...DANG.

It's since been primed and the cruddy job the old roofers did on the bit between the fascia and the shingles has been all fixed up.

Rebuild Old House Soffitt

It's waiting for me to get off my duff and put some trim paint on it. I'm going to do my best to make use of this unseasonably warm weather and hop up there in the next couple of weeks.

Until then, and until I have another spare minute (lol, never),

Keep Smiling!


  1. You guyys...The photo booth looks like a gem, and the video for the Wagoneer is really great! It looks like so so much fun. Looking forward to more of this and some house updates.

    1. Thank youuuu! Hopefully we'll have a little time to devote to house-related stuff this winter. If not, I'll just keep writing about all of my "plans" for the house ; )

  2. Whether you want the whole home painted, just interior, exterior, or even just a section of the property, provide a painting service that adds an extra element of colour and style to your home.


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