Friday, May 5, 2017


Man, what a busy couple of weeks we've had. 

This time of year is when things start to kick into high gear with Lamphouse. Graduations, weddings, public parties now that the weather is *hopefully* warm enough! It's a whirlwind of activity all over the 'ta. 

This past weekend we took the Lampy Camper out to Final Friday (Wichita's monthly art crawl) and parked in front of a cool new venue to take some pics.

That was event 1 of 4 and by the end of the weekend, we had taken over 2,000 photos!!!

By far, the most instagramed part of the Lampy Camper was her Wichita flag sticker and little Heidi Swapp lightbox sign. What can I say, people love them some Wichita! 

So, we figured we could eek out one little project to commemorate our ICT pride. We went to Wings of the Wind and picked up a 28" x 44" medium sized flag and wooden pole and got to work! Well, Conan did any way ; ) 

Just look at this nut! 

I asked him if he was just doing this for the picture or if he actually thought that would keep him from falling. "Just for the picture" he said...VERY sarcastically. 

They had a nifty little flag pole holder that can be adjusted to tilt up or down or straight out. I prefer it straight out but who knows, it's good to have options! 

 Ta da! Beautiful! It looks really sharp with the new trim paint and I know the red and white will really pop when the whole house is done. 

Our new neighbors directly to the south put their Wichita flag up as soon as they moved in and it started a wave of flags popping up all over the neighborhood. 

Funny story: while we were taking these photos, a woman drove by, stopped a couple of houses down the street, got out of her car with her phone and took a photo of all of the flags! 

I think this could be our new neighborhood thing! The Wichita flag street! 

Thanks for having such a neat flag, Wichita! And for being a great place to call home : ) 

 Here's a little Wichita flag history if you're interested: 

Adopted in 1937
Designed by Cecil McCalister
Features 3 rays extending from a blue center with the Native American symbol for home, or "hogan" in the center. 

Up next? We start clearing out the jungle in the backyard in preparation to build a privacy fence next weekend. Stay tuned and

Keep Smiling! 

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