Let's Get Legal, Y'all!

Just a couple of things, then you can get back to reading:

Please, if you attempt anything you see on our site, do so carefully and take extra precautions to keep all ten fingers and toes! We are not professionals and we do not claim to be. All projects you see on this blog are merely suggestions. As mom would say, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." So feel free to consult a pro before beginning your next home improvement endeavour.
And you're welcome for the folksy saying and nasty visual.

Any pictures you see here on the site that are not credited to another site are property of Keep Smiling and are taken by either Conan or Katherine. Please don't use them without proper credit because...well, because we try real hard to take pretty pictures, dang it!

If you see a photo that is yours and/or is not properly credited and you know where it came from, please share that info. with us! We've probably been searching for it for months anyways and would appreciate the help!

Okay. Now back to the good stuff!

- Conan & Katherine 

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