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Hi there! Conan and Katherine Fugit here! Wavin' at you from the wide open spaces of Kansas!
In April of 2009 we bought our first house in Wichita, Kansas.

It was actually the first house we looked at and we fell instantly in love with all of its 1917 charm. Beautiful staircase, amazing attic, no heat...you know, the usual stuff. We'll come back to that no heat part later. First, after a little cleaning, a little painting and a LOT of sod, we got married on July 18, 2009 in the backyard. It was absolutely perfect.

What followed that gorgeous July day would be the long and arduous and very, very chilly process of getting heat installed. Two furnaces (one in the attic, one in the basement) later and we're sitting pretty, addressing all of the other problems that come up when your house is closing in on 100 years.
Problems like dealing with fly-by-night contractors, replacing the roof and starting your first major interior room project: remodeling the bathroom

We finished the bathroom (!) then came the Accidental Kitchen Remodel, followed by the start of our very own photobooth business, Lamphouse Photo Co.

Vintage Camper Photo Booth

That brings us just about to the present. With the help of Katherine's parents, Connie and Dave, we're chipping away at the years of neglect and trying to return this house to its amazing roots. Hope you enjoy reading about our mistakes and our successes. And never forget to Keep Smiling!


  1. FABULOUS bathroom! We are also doing hex tile! White in the old bathroom, black in the new one. :)

  2. Love the tile! and the old style tub! beautiful

  3. I'm pretty sure I love what you guys are doing, and I'm so pleased you are in my city!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for reclaimed goodies!

  4. Ahhh! I'm so happy to see your house. I just bought a 1916 foursquare in College Hill, ICT this Feb and ask myself every week what I got myself into. Newly divorced, no power tools... digging up concrete/bricks all over the backyard and asking myself frequently - wth?! But man I love that house and the neighborhood. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay! We're practically neighbors : ) We walk through College Hill all the time so if you ever see us, holler! Keep up the good work on the house, too! When we were painting the exterior of the house it was hot and awful and my mom said, "but can't you just hear the house saying, 'thank you for taking care of me!'" Your house will thank you for all of this hard work : )


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