Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bathroom Demo Update

A look at the tile that was underneath the vinyl rug:

It makes me sad that we tore it out, and I keep thinking, "If only we would have done x, y, z we could have left it where it was."  Ah, but oh well, we're going to be putting in a black and white hex tile floor like this:

And I apologize to whomever it was I stole this picture from, but it looks great!  I just hope my novice tiling skills are up to the challenge.

You might also note in the first picture that there's a stain on the floor that certainly looks like it came from a skirted tub like this:

68 Inch Sunrise Specialty Piedmont Skirted Tub No Faucet Drillings from Vintage Tub & Bath.

But instead of paying $4000 for a contemporary replacement, we payed $100 for a 1930s clawfooted tub that needs a little reconditioning, and hauled it with the help of Katherine's mother an hour back to Wichita:

And yes, we have all four feet.

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