Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Room

Okay, let me begin by saying that I'm not a bad wife. I'm a good wife. I keep the clothes folded, I keep the yogurt in the fridge. But maybe, just maybe I'm a bad blogger. Maybe? Now, I have my own blog and that keeps me moderately busy and I also buy the aforementioned yogurt which, when you consider the speed with which Conan eats it, is a full-time job in and of itself. Just kidding. He eats yogurt at a regular pace. But, I do realize that I haven't been a very good blogger here, on this blog. But that's all about to change starting......now.

I give you, the ugly, cluttered, where clothes that don't fit go to die, guest bedroom BEFORE:

Now, I know that all of that good wife talk up there isn't really evidenced in this picture but please bear in mind that we had just moved in and were still in that "Oh crap! Throw stuff everywhere because we are too busy planning a wedding in our backyard!" phase of homeownership. Yeah, you know the one. 
So, that was how it looked completely untouched. The floors were nice, there was a radiator that didn't work and for some reason, painter's tape on both of the windows. 

So, the first step, obviously was to clean this mess up. And so, with much complaining and many breaks, I did. A couple of trips to the DAV later and it was all spiffy.

So, I then took to the arduous task of scraping the tape off of the windows and moving that big ol' chest of drawers and matching nightstand to the sunroom.

Oh, my beautiful radiator. You might recall having read about my mom and I lugging those things out of the house. It was a chore but in the long run, especially in a room this size, it pays to have every inch you can get.

We also had these sconces which we removed:

My parents made quick work of that and my mom then used one of the holes from the sconces to create an outlet down near the baseboard. The ONLY outlet in this entire room. I know, right? So after some intense paint scraping and one window repair job...

I was ready to paint. I chose a really, really, really (think virtually nonexistent) shade of pink and semi-gloss ultra white for the trim. After some intense DAV'ing I found this gem of a rust covered bed for $10!

As I mentioned before, it was rust covered. So badly, that some places the rust had eaten all the way through the metal. No worries though! A little WD40, a couple of rags you're never going to use again and some really fine grit sand paper did the trick. I chose a satin black spray paint for the finish and voila:

We've since bought a blanket to go over the bed but you get the idea. And those sheets? $4 at the Assistance League. Nice. Not bad if I do say so myself. Now, back to the bathroom. Wish us luck!


  1. My daughter's bed is almost identical to this one and I painted hers black too. I love your blog! Looks like we have very similar tastes!

    1. Great minds think alike, I guess! Thanks for stopping by : )


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