Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Before & After: Living Room Lights

I promised before and afters and I am delivering!
Next up, a small one that made a big difference.
The living room light fixtures were original to the house and as such, even though they're not my personal taste I thought they deserved to hang out (pun intended) and enjoy the party.
Still, they were broken in a lot of places and in need of re-wiring so they had to come down.
Here's what followed:

Step 1: Look at your lights everyday and say things like, "Dang it, I've gotta' take those down and clean them." Wait about a year before proceeding to
Step 2: Take them down and give 'em a good cleaning and then decide, because it's your house and you're a grown woman, that you are going to paint them a nice, antique black with flecks of copper.
Step 3: Rip old stereo wires out (yes, these were wired with stereo wiring like you get at Radio Shack) and leave them with your mom for the weekend to re-wire, cover sockets with tape and paint.
Step 4: Hang back up, stand back to admire, realize they're crooked, re-hang, admire.


  1. Just found your blog via apartment therapy - and I love it!

    have you tried the little round bulbs in your fixture? We live in a 1920s storybook tudor and learned that you are only supposed to use flame bulbs on lights that point up(b/c a flame wouldn't burn down like that.)

    Of course...you never have to do what you are "supposed" to do...but we have liked having the little round bulbs in our fixtures!

  2. Thanks so much Erika!
    The bulbs we have in there now are not actually flicker bulbs per say. They don't have that flame look anyway. We actually use the "flame" bulbs at Halloween though to give things a spooky feel and you are right, it does say something about not using those upside down :/
    Oh well. I'm intrigued by these round bulbs though. We have had a tough time trying to figure out what looks good in these because they are upside down. Maybe that will be an option to try. Thanks!

  3. Hmm, perhaps Edison bulbs?!

  4. Yeah, we looked into that but they're actually pretty big and all of them on at once puts out quite a bit of light. We still want to use them though! Maybe in the bathroom overhead light?


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