Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bathroom Paint

Some of you may remember that one time when we were all totally certain we were going to subway tile the bathroom walls. Well kids, things happen. Money happens, time happens, getting sick and tired of showering in the basement happens. You get the idea. Long story short, we went with beadboard. But don't get the wrong idea. This was not in any way a let down or a concession. This was actually something that was both practical and turns out, exactly what we wanted.

See, a few weeks ago I spotted this picture of this wall and I was like, "THAT...is my bathroom."

I realize that you can only see a tiny sliver of the beadboard down there but sometimes that's all ya' need.

So then I had a color idea and a decorating idea (salon style hanging) and I knew at once that making the decision to go with cost effective beadboard was the right one. It would give the room a different texture against all of the smooth, shiny porcelain and it would add color to the room as well. So, speaking of color. As of now, we have one coat on the beadboard and we went with....

from their very cool partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Now, in person it's a little more of a putty color if that makes any sense. It almost has a tinge of green to it which is just going to siiiiiing against that black and white tile. The top of the wall is still just primed with Kilz but we are going to paint it a white that has just the tiniest warmness to it. It's going to look great, I swear. Now, speaking of that singing tile, I'm off to buy grout. Tobacco brown or charcoal? Hmmmm....


  1. Charcoal. I have it in my shower and love it!

  2. Charcoal won out! It looks amazing! Great minds think alike, Bekah!


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