Monday, October 31, 2011

It Has Begun

Sorry for the dramatic title you guys but after eight months (of weekends) of showering in a spider-y basement I think this moment of our bathroom remodel deserves a little drama.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have started....TILING THE SHOWER!
Just the floor but hey, it's a start.
So, here's how it all went down on Saturday.
In the two weeks prior, my dad had constructed the shower pan using something called a Quick Pitch and it had been given ample time to sit and get nice and hard for the tiling to come.
So on Saturday, we started laying out the tile in the shower thinking that since it was such a small room it should just be all white tile instead of the two parallel lines pattern that are going to be in the rest of the bathroom (see the inspiration here). After a few "That doesn't look right"s we decided to try running the pattern from the bathroom into the shower.

A few minutes into that and it was obvious that trying to run the pattern from the bathroom into the shower along the same line wasn't going to work. It made it too close to the wall outside the shower and it just looked no bueno. Maggie's passive stare tells me everything I need to know. Try again.

Okay. So. I went and printed my inspiration picture out (I know, I know should've done that first) and we tried just putting down the pattern in the bathroom without trying to continue it into the shower.

Then there was just the matter of oh yeah, tiling the shower which we had to figure out. We tried little black daisies, random black tiles here and there and nothing seemed to work. Finally, we landed on just making a pattern like the bathroom has inside the shower like it was it's own little room. Perfect. 

The next step after we decided on how the tiles were going to be put down was popping out the white ones in the shower and replacing them with black. Then we took the whole thing out very carefully and rearranged it outside the shower. We also cut out the tiles where the drain was. Don't worry, we're not that dumb : )
Then we chalked the shower into four equal sections, mixed up the goo that goes under the tiles and...

Buttered the floor. One delicious section at a time. Then the tiles were carefully placed beginning at the drain and working out to the sides in each section.

My wonderful parents ran the tile saw until it was dark outside while Conan and I went on a Boba Tea run. About two or three dozen tiny little sawed in half tiles here and there later and...

Wouldya' look at that!? We have what appears to be almost a shower! I keep sneaking into the bathroom to peek at it and make sure this is really happening. Sounds crazy, but like I said earlier, showering in a basement for 8 months will make you a little cray-cray. 

Next up, we grout. And also, I swear that the bathroom door is ALMOST done. A progress report on that coming soon as well as a decent picture of the paint color in the bathroom whenever Conan has time to show me how to take a good picture of it. For serious though, this bathroom has the best/worst light for taking pictures ever.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, we used "Charcoal gray"

  2. I'm just discovering your blog and I LOVE it! I'm wanting to do the same in our kids bathroom with the black and white tile. How hard is it to make sure the black tiles are spaced correctly?


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