Monday, October 24, 2011


If you've inspected any of our photos closely or you just have a pair of eyes you might have noticed that we don't have any curtains. Well, I take that back, we have one verrrrrrry sheer pair in the guest room but they filter about as much light as a piece of clear glass so...
Someday I plan to put shades up but I honestly have just never seen a pair of curtains that I really liked. Ever. So, for now at least, it's no curtains or shades on the windows. And aside from constantly being badgered about not having any privacy, it's working out pretty well. Just don't walk around downstairs in the nood (misspelled on purpose for comic relief) and don't have a giant flatscreen TV in your living room : ) I kid, I kid. But serioulsy, to our critics I say come over at about a quarter to 9 in the morning and feast your eyes on all of the beautiful light cutting through the house. It really is our best feature.

The guest bedroom gets the best morning light. Our two guests have raved about this room. For real.

The light in the landing is pretty terrific too. As is that picture (I swear it's straight in person) that I got Conan for his birthday from here.

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