Friday, October 21, 2011

First Place

Let me just begin this by saying that Conan is the greatest husband in the world.
The other day was not a great day. I got some bad news and I was feeling pretty down. I had called Conan on the phone on my way home to tell him and when I got there he said he had gotten me something and motioned to the coffee table.
On the coffee table was a book that I didn't recognize.

I picked it up and tried to act really happy about my new book on Ansco Color Film. : /
He told me to open it and when I did, to my surprise was this:

A first place ribbon for some sort of puppy competition held in, get this, 1949!


I ran right out and bought a frame at the DAV for $1.50 and stained the heck out of it. This afternoon, Conan helped me put it in a frame and there you have it!


The very first thing in my collection for my "salon style" hanging in the new bathroom. Squeeeeel!
Turns out, Conan found the book in the back of the store where he works in a pile of stuff and decided to take it home because as he put it (with some fancy pants photo language) it's "the most useless information ever put into book form." or something like that. He opened and lo and behold, my puppy ribbon was inside and he knew right away I would love it. What can I say? He just gets me.
Enough puppy talk.
I have a door to finish stripping (just a tiny bit more to go and then some pictures and staining!).

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