Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cheeseburgers in Paradise or How We Found the Bathroom Mirror

Soooooo after the incredibly dissapointing trip to Architectural Salvage last week resulted in zilch bathroom mirrors I made plans to drive out to Northeast Kansas. 

So, back to the mirror sitch.
I was looking for a wood framed mirror with rounded edges kind of like this one from Door Sixteen:

And I was coming up perpetually empty-handed.
So yesterday, after making an appointment, we drove out to beautiful Marion, Kansas.

Pretty, huh?

We headed to the antique store and started to rummage.
It's a rummager's dream. We were truly two cheeseburgers in paradise as I told my mom.

Tucked under my mom's arm is what we thought was coming home with us. Not exactly right but pretty close. Then, as we were headed out the door, something told me to look in this corner. I was staring aimlessly at some shelves when my mom said, "Here's your mirror." very matter of factly. I turned around and she was holding a frame (no mirror inside) that was exactly. perfect. Can you believe it? Search over!

(this is a prime example of my not great picture taking abilities. crooked, too dark, etc.)

Now all I have to do is shine this puppy up and put a mirror in there and we'll be cookin'!
I am so unbelievably happy! So happy in fact, that on the way home, I agreed to let my mom stop on the side of the road and steal some rocks. Because...well, you'd have to know my mom to understand this kind of adorably wierd behavior but whatever.

All in all, a great day.
Can't wait to show you pictures once I get the mirror all finished!
Now to go finish stripping what paint is left off of the bathroom door and finding a frame for something very special that Conan got me to hang in the bathroom : D

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