Monday, October 17, 2011

To Do

Ed. note: I don't know if anyone comes back and reads this to do list execept me but for my own wierd peace of mind, I'm coming back to cross some things off. Go team doin' stuff!

I worked all weekend and although Conan is pretty productive by himself and got pretty much evertyhing crossed off his to-do list I still have a lot left on mine. My mom is coming up today and hopefully together, we can knock some stuff off but I'm pretty sure a large portion of this time is just going to be spent staring at Shorty, our wiener dog in his new halloween costume. He's a bee : )

Our fence in the summer in all of its ivy covered glory.

To Do This Week (?):

Scrape and paint back porch windows (so we can jerry rig some storm windows on them)
Jerry rig some storm windows to put on the back porch windows
Caulk seams in bathroom walls
Put second coat of paint on bathroom walls (beadboard)
Get paint for upper 1/3 of bathroom wall
Paint upper 1/3 of bathroom wall
Wire in our new push button switches for bathroom
Finish stripping bathroom door
Sand/Stain bathroom door
Put in shower membrane
Try to find mirror 

As you can see, there are a lot more To Dos than To Dones so I better go get started.

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