Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kitchen Lights

Thought I'd share one more important thing that happened in the kitchen the other day.
No, I did not make the perfect grilled cheese, that still eludes me.
I did however, make my husband do this

That's right! I made him get up on the counter with a drill and test his core strength!
Just  kidding. I actually asked him to install these little puck lights underneath the cabinets.
As part of my "Bring the eye downward" initiative I bought a pack of 5 puck lights at Lowe's for $35 and in about an hour and a half we had light!

I don't really have a before picture because...well actually, I did have a before picture but it just looked like a messy kitchen in the daytime so I said, "These people have an imagination, let 'em use it!"

I looooooove them. I know it's something silly and little that most kitchens probably already have but it makes ours look a little nicer, just like the de-cluttered cabinets and any improvement, no matter how small is appreciated. We also have these lights in our living room on those massive shelves. They don't require any wiring, you just need to plug them in to each other and an outlet. As seen here:

I would highly recommend them if you have a cabinet that's near an outlet or some shelves with an outlet or some cabinets with an outlet or whatever...near an outlet.
Up next? My mom is coming over today and she and I are going to lay down the very last of the bathroom floor tile. Ohhhhh! Pics to come hopefully!

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