Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bathroom Floor

I interrupt your internet grazing to bring you this semi-important announcement:

Sort of. 

We still need to grout (which won't take more than a day, I'm hoping) and you see those black tiles sitting in a sea of beautiful white? Those are tiles that popped out. Sooooo those and a few others have to be re-mortared and then it's grout city! After that, who knows! We need to put down base shoe, install the shower door and fixtures and like, a million other things but whatever! The floor is down!

P.S. I also got a bathroom cabinet at the DAV that needs some work so, expect to hear about that soon. I can't take any pictures of it right now because it's wedged into the hallway outside the bathroom pretty tightly. : |
Thing weighs a. ton.


  1. YAAAAAAY!!!!!

    you guys do have a working bathroom somewhere in the house right?

  2. Kiiiiind of...We have what basically amounts to a closest with a toilet in it downstairs and there was a shower in the basement already (just a shower head and two handles sticking out of the wall). We just put one of those drain pans for a washing machine on the floor under it and made a make-shift shower with a couple of curtains. It's pretty much the saddest thing you've ever seen. Oh wait, no one has seen it because no matter how much Conan says we should I will NEVER POST ABOUT IT HERE.

  3. Ha! Post about it!!!

    One of my grandpas only had a bathtub upstairs, with a shower head attached to the faucet but no curtain, and wallpaper surround, so it was like being in a really big kitchen sink. Downstairs was the "shower", on top of the drain with the open pipes next to the wall. The curtain was there more to keep water from spraying on his workbench than for privacy.

    The other one had gone all out. Wooden pallet over the drain, two walls covered in linoleum, and a toilet you had to climb 3 steps to get to.


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