Friday, December 9, 2011

Shower Grout

Let me just begin this post by saying that our shower, while it is glorious indeed, is definitely too small for two people to comfortably sit down in. How do I know this, you may ask? Well, last night, my mom and I attempted to do just that while cleaning grout lines and let's just say, even with my Keebler elf of a mom, it wasn't pretty.
Back to the grouting. That's right! We started the process of grouting the shower last night. It went a little something like this:

Put grout on

Put down camera because grout is drying too quickly and begin cleaning it off. About three hours later...

Thanks to the magic of blogging, tile is grouted!

As you can see from this picture, we still haven't done the front sides and as you can't see from this picture, we also haven't done the inside sides. Man, that's a lot of sides. A clever and less tired person would make some kind of buffet/KFC joke about side dishes but...I just...can't.
It really looks sharp, though. More sharp than I expected. I kind of assumed that it wouldn't look much different than it already did with the spaces in between the tiles but boy does it ever!

Also, my mom came over, sat cross-legged (or "Kindergartner" style if you prefer) for about two hours and lo and behold, the lip of the shower is done!

Now, if you've ever read this blog before then you know that when I say "done" I of course mean, we still need to grout it and caulk it but whatevs. It's pretty much done.

And in even more exciting news, on Thursday I came home from volunteering at le zoo to find a package on the front steps!
Opened it up...
another package

Opened that up...
supply lines and drain for the tub!

Maggie was getting impatient waiting for me to empty the box out for her.
But check out this fancy thing-a-majig!

(Please disregard my "dishpan hands". Most of what I do at the zoo involves washing dishes and most of what I do at home involves not getting manicures so...)

As I type, we're waiting for the grout to set up so we can start applying it to the inside sides of the shower. Hopefully, that will be done by the end of day today. Stay tuned!

P.S. These are the supply lines we got
This is the drain


  1. what, no cat-in-box pic?

  2. You should see her snuggled up in the rag box while we scrub the grout off the tiles. Now that's a Kodak moment.

  3. Coming out of lukerdome to let you know I just love reading about what y'all are doing with your house. Keep it up! :D

  4. Aw thanks goosefairy! We're keeping it up I assure you, even though I'm being not so diligent about blogging. We finished the shower and I've just been waiting til' things look "done" enough to show everyone. Keep reading!

  5. Heh. You're on my daily "check list".

  6. I just came across your blog today and have been enjoying reading through the past posts. I'm restoring a 1915 bungalow and have gone through many of the same steps. It's fun to hear your (our?) DIY adventures told with such passion and humor. I have a restored clawfoot, much like yours (black on the outside, chrome feet) and am ready to install it. I've come across supply lines and drains online, but would like to know which ones/which brand you purchased. Would you happen to still have that information? I tried the links, but they redirect to the store's general homepage.

    1. Thanks for reading along Corbin! It's always nice to meet someone else in the "crazy enough to restore an old house" club : ) It looks like Vintage Tub and Bath changed their website without consulting me first (rude!) but I went back and dug around and here's the supply lines: and the drain:


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