Friday, January 13, 2012

Freitag To Do

My how this week has flown. Seems like just yesterday I was putting off starting to paint the walls above the beadboard and now, look at us, it's Freitag and I'm sitting here blogging instead of putting a second coat on the walls above the beadboard. Well, you know what they say, time flies when you're avoiding things by dinking around on the interweb. But, I digress.
I'll make this quick, I swear. Just a few words on what we're up to and what's ahead.

We finished the floor tile in the bathroom. HAL-AY-LOU-YUH.
Seriously guys, I don't know if we could have done that for one more day. It started to seem like the world's fanciest prison cell after a while and it was playing some mean tricks on our morale but now that it's over, we can move on and hopefully move quickly through our to-do list. Which includes:

Put second coat of paint on upper half of walls and ceiling (today)
Go down to Architectural Salvage and try to find some shower handles (today)
Paint second coat on beadboard (today)
Put up shower head (Today!)
Put up overhead light (Today?)
Move tub upstairs (Tomorrow, hopefully)
Install tub supply lines (Tomorrow)
Sit in clawfoot tub and weep tears of joy (Tomorrow? Sunday?)

So that's a taste of what we've got coming for the weekend. I'll post more about some of those things individually as we get to them. But for now, I have to get up off my duff and go paint the upper half of the walls painted. Wish us luck!

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