Tuesday, November 15, 2011

See the Light

You guys, the "light" puns are just neverending around here.
I'm a little sad that this project is all but finished because frankly, I enjoy a good, bad pun.
Okay so, yesterday was just a flurry of activity around Casa de Fugit. As I mentioned last week, my dad took off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to come up here with my mom and try to finish the tile in the bathroom. Tall order. Well, they were here til' 8 last night and as we type I can hear drills upstairs. Yesterday, my project (aside from just staying out of the way) was to refinish the light fixture for the bathroom and guess what?
I did!

First I put some zip strip on the fixture and after it became apparent that the paint was going nowhere I used a very fine sandpaper to smooth it out so that there at least wouldn't be any bumps under the new paint.

I used the same spray paint I used on the living room light fixtures.
I think it's just going to look great with the black tiles on the floor.
Can't wait to put it up!

Another little project?
My mom helped me hang this German perpetual calendar that my mother-in-law got at a garage sale many moons ago. Cute, huh?

We attempt to finish tiling the outside edges of the shower and I have a dentist appointment. I guess you didn't need to know that last part but I'll take pity however I can get it. Stay tuned for pics of the all but grouted shower (hopefully)!

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