Saturday, November 12, 2011

Is This Real Life?

Here are some wild and crazy pics from our Saturday night in the bathroom.

First up,
the smallest member of our party and thereby the one elected to fold herself up and do the bottom tiles in the shower, ladies and mom!

The ever growing pile of stuff in the corner. Let's call it accent stuff. Let's just say it gives the room that certain something.

And lastly,
Maggie T. Cat who doesn't ever, under any circumstances want this project to end for that would mean...dare I say it? The end of the boxes!

If you hadn't guessed from the first picture, the three shower walls have been tiled top to bottom. Up next? My dad takes three days off this week and hopefully the result is the entire bathroom floor being done as well as the outside edge of the shower tile. Wish us luck and stay tuned!


  1. Good Luck!!! And then grouting the shower, and then working shower?

  2. Thanks! And yes, that's exactly right! Knock on wood : )


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