Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Neverending (shower) Story

Well guess what I'm blogging about today, folks?
That's right.
The shower.
Don't get me wrong, taking a shower inside that porcelain paradise is going to be...paradise but honestly after my parents working on it for three straight days I'm kind of tired of the shower.
But, in the spirit of blogging allow me to share with you the shower progress.

So, here's what it looked like before:

Then, I got a little prematurely excited and blogged about the "after" you see here:

Then, over the course of the last three days we've gotten to here:

As you can see, we tiled all the way down the floor and got rid of our handy-dandy ledger strips.

But we still have to do the lip and the outside edge.

Which, will just have to wait until we've got the floor in the bathroom done seeing as how the cove tile will sit on top of it.
So, our next projects will be something like, finishing up the lip tiles, grouting, caulking and maybe...just maybe installing the shower door and fixtures. Haven't quite decided if it's more important to have a working shower and no bathroom or just grin and bear it for a while longer until we have finished the whole room.
Decisions, decisions.

During the first few days of this week, I managed to do a couple of things that didn't involve showers or tiles. They were

Installing a coat rack!

It's from Tar-jay. It cost me $19.99. It holds coats and I love it. What more do you want from me?
(Somewhere out there is a SATC fan that will get that and laugh and laugh and laugh. You're welcome)

I also painted an old cork board white and hung it up above the little table where Maggie eats in our kitchen. This wall has been a big, white, empty space for far too long and our fridge has been a cluttered, messy mess for far too long so I said, "To heck with this!" and put this bad boy up. I love it as well.

I mean, who wouldn't enjoy looking at pictures of that stud in the middle all day? I mean, really?

It's also a nice thing to see as you're coming down the second staircase.

Home of the cute little cameras that somehow multiply when I'm not looking.
You on the right, I've got my eye on you.

So there it is. Shower, tiles, coats, pictures, mating cameras.
Next up? Finishing the tile, grouting and caulking it and maybe a little shower door installation action if you're lucky : )
Stay tuned!


  1. I finished reading through your whole blog today, and I love it. My boyfriend is pretty sick of me poking him in the back to look at every other post. You guys are doing an amazing job!

  2. Wow! Thanks lindsey! I feel like you should get some kind of award for that :) Hopefully, we'll have something other than the shower to blog about soon!

  3. My shower project started out like this, and halfway through we found mold behind the walls. So we ended up ripping it all out and just putting in a steam shower unit that filled the space and was so easy to install. I couldnt imagine a day without that shower now. Hope the rest of your project goes smooth!!

  4. Geez Wendy, that's awful! Finding mold somewhere is definitely the worst. Especially if you had already started! This steam shower you speak of though sounds like maybe the best thing ever : D Thanks for the well wishes!


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