Thursday, March 29, 2012


Let me preface this post by saying that if you have allergies and just looking at these pictures makes your eyes water, I'm very sorry for you. I however, have no allergies and so I've spent the past two weeks sticking my nose in anything that even remotely looks like a flower. People see me when we walk the dog and say, "Here comes that lady with the nose, sniffin' up all of our good smells." Maybe the best of these smells: the Lilac.

When I came home from work today I found that one of my Hydrangeas had gone to that big garden in the sky. To fill in, I took a few cuts of Lilac off of the bush in our front yard.



Aside from the roses which we tried repeatedly (not intentionally) to kill this bush is one of the few things that was here when we moved into the house and we've actually kept it. I mean, who could get rid of something that smells soooooo good.

I don't want to strip the entire bush but I always like to put one on the mantel for a few days.

I like how it looks like those girls in Conan's painting are taking a picture of this giant flower.
Got any favorite, low maintenance flowers or bushes that you like to invite inside?
I'm always looking for new ideas. I keep trying to get Hydrangeas of my own to grow but no luck : (


  1. i miss having lilacs in our backyard... sigh.

  2. Lilacs are the jam, Sera! Our bush is just now losing the last of its blooms : ( No smells til' next year!


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