Monday, April 2, 2012

Bathroom Before & After: Sharp Contrast

I know, I know. I said I was done with bathroom pictures but I just wanted to see for myself how far the bathroom had come so I stuck the before and afters right up against each other like I did for the dining room and living room. This is the last of it, I swear. Honestly! Now let's all just take a moment to admire that sweet, sweet tile work. Tile work I will never attempt again in my life.*

Oh, and I also forgot to list all of our paint colors so here goes.

Wainscoting - Valspar "Montpelier Madison White"
Upper Half - ACE Hardware "White Knights"
Tub Exterior - Olympic "Black Magic"
Linen Cabinet Exterior: Valspar "Churchill Hotel Olive"
Linen Cabinet Interior: Valspar "Lyndhurst Castle Sand"

*Until we use the left over hex tiles in the teeny-tiny downstairs toilet. Hey, it won't be nearly as bad, right? Right?!


  1. The before doesn't look horrible, though. But the after is definitely fantastic.

    What'd you end up doing with the old sink/toilet/tub/closet door?

  2. We really should put some more pictures up of the caved in ceiling and stuff. It was bad, I swear! : ) We kept the closet door never know. We kept the sink too because again, you never know. We just switched the toilet from in here with the toilet downstairs because it looked better and we are having a friend haul off the old tub for scrap. That thing was heav-to the-eeeeee!

  3. This is beautiful! I'm coveting your entire house. And bookmarking your wedding pictures.

    Are those snake plants? How do you get them so straight and tall and cute?

  4. Thanks Erin! My mom has always called them Mother-in-Law's Tongue. They probably have a technical name of some sort, though. Basically, mine just grew straight because they had something on either side of them (in a corner). They still want to flop outwards though when they're moved out of the corner.

  5. Nice bathroom. I have a question regarding the hex tiles, I can find one with just white ones like those in the middle or one with black scattered within ones. So my question is did you somehow create the black border tile pattern yourself or you find the border tiles over the counter? It's a nice touch. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! We bought Merona hex tiles from the Home Depot (online) that were white with black ones scattered throughout. We then popped out the black ones and made our own pattern around the edge. The white ones we popped out along the edges went back in the middle where the black ones had been. It wasn't super easy but it was our best option for our budget. I looked at the Home Depot's site the other day though and I think you might be able to purchase borders now.


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