Friday, June 8, 2012

Stove Update and It Came From The Basement (spooky!)

First off, thanks for all of your very kind, very encouraging comments (here and *cough* elsewhere). I'm over it. You guys were right, as usual. Let's all move on.

Sidenote: By elsewhere, I of course meant TOH and as if we didn't already know this you guys and gals are some classy folks. You handled yourselves with dignity and grace when commenting and for that you get a gold star.

Know what we get a gold star for?
For figuring out the stove situation.

Kind of.

I mean, it works.

Okay so, short story, the pilot lights were making the top of the stove stupid hot and lighting them each time we used the stove was going to absurd (as was turning the gas on behind the stove each time). Turns out, there's a little screw that regulates the amount of gas going to those pilot lights.

Hey there guys! I'm Mr. Screwy!

So we just turned it completely off. After many "Are you sure there's no gas?" moments and "Let's try to light it one more time." moments we agreed that there was indeed no gas going to the pilots now. Unfortunately this means that we have to light each burner individually when we want to use it but to be honest with you, I much prefer it to any of the other options. In fact, we've already cooked two delicous quesadillas on it and it works like a charm.

Next up, remember that time about oh, I don't know, a month ago when I said I had found something awesome in our basement? Well, drumroll please

It was a piece of wood.

(insert collective eye roll here for all of the suspense over a piece of wood)

Turns out, this bad boy was practically holding up the floor under the stairs until last year when my parents came and put some jacks under the house. This piece of wood came out, got leaned up against the wall and covered up.

I noticed it a while back and thought, "That will be the perfect kitchen shelf."

So I wiped it off.

Conditioned it with the ol' Howard Feed & Wax (which also revived the coffee table in our living room)

And voila!

You'll notice from that picture that it's been made into two pieces of beautiful wood instead of just one. I also stained the cut end with some of the stuff left over from the kitchen floor.

It really is a gorgeous peice of wood.

I'm going to get some brackets and put it up today or tomorrow depending on if I put a coat of polyurethane on it. I probably should, shoudn't I? I don't want it to be too shiny but I also don't want it to get super nasty being in the kitchen and all. Okay, okay I convinced myself. Poly first, then I'll put it up. Well, I better get to it. I also got some old push button switches to install before Conan gets home. The last time I did that, he didn't even notice, just walked up to it, pushed the button and walked off. Sense memory folks, it's an amazing thing.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Can't you get poly that's a low gloss or a matte? Surely there's something out there like that.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there is but I had this left over from doing the floor and I'm a cheap-o so...

  2. NO Poly!
    Just wax is good.
    Thanks for listening and for doing all you do.

    1. Too late, man. Sorry. I just put one very thin coat on one side of it. To be honest, we didn't get the super glossy stuff so when it dries and since the wood was so dry to begin with it's hardly noticeable. And also, if it looks terrible, there's always the other un-poly'd piece of wood to use. : )

  3. i like your hot pink nail polish...

    1. I don't always paint my nails...but when I do, it's hot pink.


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