Monday, July 16, 2012

Four Couches and Counting

Sounds like the name of some weird sitcom, doesn't it?
"Four couches, all from different walks of life, find out what it's like to love and laugh together..."

Unfortunately, it isn't. It's the situation we currently find ourselves in after yours truly saw a $25 couch at the Goodwill that she just couldn't pass up. (Read: I saw it, went home, talked about how awesome it was for hours and hours, got up an hour before work, drove five miles out of the way and bought it.)
That's my life, folks. Couch compulsion.
If you follow us on twitter, you could have witnessed the entire episode in real-time. In other words, Follow us on Twitter!

But, all self-depricating aside, it really is a totally AWESOME couch. Wanna' see?

In case you don't have a running inventory of our couches memorized, it's the redish/orange one.
Can I tell you guys a secret? Promise not to judge me? When I was touching up this pic, I photoshopped a pair of lips on Maggie.
It was high-larious. Trust me.

As you can see, we had to do a little rearranging.

Originally, we had a gray couch on one side and the green couch facing the windows.

The gray couch was conveniently covering up the giant holes in the floor where the radiator once was so after it was moved, we had to think of something to put there.
Hell-o stereo cabinet!
We had been using it as a kind of desk on the other side of the room for our computer.
We moved it over here and put our computer on a very temporary little table/end table set up for now. I'm thinking of trying to find an actual desk to put over there. Thrift dreams, people. Thrift dreams.

We're really digging the new set up. We've been listening to lots of Simon and Garfunkel and enjoying the new views. It's funny. For so long I had a real aversion to putting any furniture in front of the shelves then I was talking to a friend at work about how you need less space to move around furniture than you think and suddenly it all made sense. We can still get behind the couch very easily and it's got such a low back it doesn't cover up the pictures or the window.  

Fun fact: It's a whopping eight feet long so I assume it was in a large house. The upholstery ticket says it was upholstered in New York and when Conan was moving the cushions around, he found a scrap of paper with a call number written on it and some library book titles printed on it, too. Could this have been a fancy schmancy library couch? Who knows! But I'm totally going to tell everyone it is.

Anywho, I gotta' get moving. I upholstered a headboard for our bedroom this weekend and screwed it up royally so now I'm taking it apart and doing it over. Major womp womp. Details to come.


  1. Y'all are lucky your living room is so large. It can totally handle two couches. But, wait... you said *four* couches. Where are the other two?

    1. The gray one that was originally there is the third and there is a light blue (goodwill) couch that I've retained from my single, apartment-livin' days that's on the other side of the living room - the side that never gets photographed because it's our "lived in living room" : )


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