Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recent Thrifts

Just a few things I've picked up on recent (frequent) trips to the thrift store while I totally avoid starting any projects.
Hey! I'm decorating, okay? : )

I've been searching for one of these on Etsy for a while now but since it's something I can live without, I never actually bought one. This little guy was marked down from $2.98 to $1.98 so I scooped him up.

Conan and I have a habit of picking up pine cones (and the occasional pretty rock) on our trips to Colorado. The top one, Conan picked up during a walk on our honeymoon.

This lovely (and heavy) wood vase was $3.00! I had been looking for a wood cake stand to add some warmth to our very cool, very white kitchen cabinet set up.

The bottom is a little worse for the wear but I figure, after a good clean and some Howard Feed N' Wax (that stuff fixes everything) it will be good as new!

Another thing I've been Etsy lusting over was a little glass/mirrored tray. Found this one for a cool $2.50 and loaded it up with all of the fancy makeups that I NEVER use. Whatever, it looks pretty.

I really, really want to put it on the back of the toilet so I can have our "getting ready" stuff off of the sink but...

it is just a little too long to sit comfortably on top of our recycled toilet. No prob. There are always toilets at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore that have really flat, wide tanks and lids and as soon as one is the perfect price and look, I'm totally replacing this one.

Is that the next project? Toilet replacement? Seems kind of meh...
necessary but meh.


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    1. Hey, thanks! I've been looking for the perfect kind of droopy, wildflower-y flower to put in it but when I ask the florist at Dillon's for that they just go o_O And also, we lunch soon, yes?


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