Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello, again

I've tried and tried to think of something funny to say to break the very thick ice that has formed on ye olde blog but rather than waste time I'll just get right to the scolding I surely have coming.

Bad blogger! Bad, bad house blogger! For shaaaaaaame!

Okay, but in all seriousness. A HUMONGOUS thank you to everyone who is still reading this blog and stopping by regularly to check in on things. It's like being out of town and knowing that all of your friends are swinging by the old homestead to make sure it hasn't turned to rubble and it's a comforting feeling and I appreciate it. We appreciate it.

In even more seriousness, a GIGANTIC apology is in order for neglecting to stop in and say a few words about where we've been, how the house is coming along and why everything just stopped after Halloween.

So, about all of that stuff. Well, to be honest with you, when you write a blog about fixing up a house you kind of have to be fixing it up in order to write a blog about it. It's a viscious circle of having to actually do things. Ugh, things! And the truth is, since the Accidental Kitchen Remodel (which, surprisingly was on one of my favorite "ways to kill a few hours blog", Hooked on Houses) we haven't really done anything big or even medium to the house. In other words, not very cool stuff to write about or to read about. Not that it's a good excuse to drop off the face of the internet Earth, it's not. It's just what happened. No existential crisis about blogging, no life-altering changes, just not much house-related stuff to write about.

So, what did we do between Halloween and now? If you want to know, read on.

First off, we drove nearly 3,000 miles round trip to where I'm from, Church Hill, TN.

The driveway up to Mammaw's house.

It was an emergency trip, brought on by the illness of my aunt, Kathy. Without going into too much detail, I will say that it was as nice as something that sad can be. My sister drove up from Alabama with her husband and kids and we got to spend a day together at my mammaw's house reminiscing about all of the crazy stuff we used to do to get on each other's nerves (sisters, am I right?).

Sarah got a cute hat at Wal-Mart. She's the cutest.

We also got to do some exploring around the property and Conan snapped a few pictures of my great-grandmother's house.

My great grandmother Goldie's house.


The barn

This is where my sister and I lived as kids. Well, not out in the open. There was a trailer there, of course!

Those are pictures we'll treasure forever and even though it was heartbreaking I'll treasure this trip and getting to see my family forever as well.

Let's see...what else...what else is there? I feel like there's something else that's been taking up a lot of our time...

Oh, right!
We bought a vintage travel trailer!

See, when I said that we hadn't been doing anything since Halloween, what I meant was, we haven't been doing anything on the house. See what I did there? I tricked ya'.

We've actually been working quite feverishly on this trailer.

See, sometime in late September, Conan and I took the dog for a walk and made the decision to start a business together (!!) and that business requires a vintage travel trailer.

What is that business, you ask? Well, it's kind of hard to explain but we're calling it a "Mobile Studio and Darkroom". Basically, it's like a photobooth on wheels, only we're actually taking and developing the pictures by hand, on site.
You can visit the website here and keep up with us on facebook, twitter and the 'gram.

We looked and looked for a trailer and then, glory be! we found this one for a cool 500 bucks on October 20th.

We started working on it immediately to get as much done as possible before winter and to be honest, I just wasn't sure if anyone that enjoyed reading about us fixing up our old house would want to read about fixing up an old trailer.

It had a little stove and sink and everything.
Now it has pretty much  nothing in it. For now...

But, I think it's cool and Conan thinks it's cool and Shorty and Maggie think it's cool so I'm going to blog about it. Maybe not super regularly because, getting ready to start a business takes a lot of my focus, but it's definitely going to get a fair amount of airtime seeing as how it's pretty much all we've been working on since October and we've got lots of pictures to prove it.

Cool? Cool.


You guys are awesome and you rule hard at reading blogs.

We drove to Tennessesee.

We decided to start a business.

We bought a trailer for said business.

We bought a beautiful '89 Jeep Grand Wagoneer to pull said trailer.
(Pics of this next)

I'm going to give you the dirty deets about tearing apart and rebuilding the insides of a trailer.

And maybe I'll talk about the house a little, too blog. ^
And because I have done some little things here and there that I'd like to show y'all.

Again, thanks for sticking with us and I hope you stay tuned in for our next big adventure!

Keep Smiling : )



  1. I am soooooooooooooooo excited that you are back!!

    1. Thanks! It really does mean a lot that someone is looking forward to hearing from us : )

  2. Welcome back! (and i am totally with you on the blogging hiatus due to lack of notable house projects.) Congratulations on your new business. Love the idea and really looking forward to seeing the trailer transformation!

    1. Thank you!! I can't wait to show y'all some more pictures of the trailer and a few of the house as well!

  3. So glad you're back. I LOVE the vintage travel trailers! I follow several pinterest boards about them so I am really looking forward to seeing what y'all do with yours. Wishing you lots of good luck with your new venture :)

    1. Thanks! I really love looking at people's pinterest boards of old campers. People do some amazing things. It makes me want to buy another one just to fix up for ourselves!

  4. I'm so happy you are back! I had fallen in love with your blog in November, devoured the whole thing in like, a day (I had pneumonia), and have been anxiously awaiting your return! I've been jonesin for a travel trailer myself, but have no excuse for it. Can't wait to see the process of restoring yours!

    1. Thanks! Sorry to hear about the pneumonia (yikes!) but glad we could give you something to do! Ever since we got this one I have been seeing them everywhere and I have to keep telling myself, "stay focused, stay focused". We don't have any more room in our driveway or garage!

  5. Umm...YEAH, we want to hear about your trailer!! :) Super happy that you're back!

  6. Yea! You are still blogging! Cant wait to see pics of the wagoneer, and what you do to the trailer, and see what you do to your new island, and what you hang on the bathroom wall, etc etc. Wow, I need to get a real life, LOL!

    1. Hahaha! Real life is overrated, just hang out here on the internet with us, Michelle :D Thanks for reading!

  7. Yaaay! you're back!! Congratulations on the new business. That is super exciting! Also, there is very little difference between a house blog and a mobile blog. Write about it! I for one would love to read about it! Hooray!

    1. Yay! And Thank You! We're really pumped to start sharing more once we start doing stuff to it that's actually interesting! i.e. not wiring the marker lights ; )


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