Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conan's Birthday & "Projects"

Basically, this is just a post to say Happy Birthday to my main man, my partner in crime, Conan.
He turned the big 3-2 today and I love him and he's great and he just gets better with age.
You're awesome, Conan!
The rest of this post will be devoted to the "projects" I've been "doing" around the house lately. I put both of those words in quotation marks because I'm using them in the loosest possible sense.
First up!
Remember when we were doing the bathroom and I put this picture out there and said a bunch of stuff about a gallery wall?
Well, I finally went and did it (kind of).
I put it off mostly because I hadn't found any nice, old frames that I liked and frankly, I wasn't sure I wanted to do it. Then lo and behold, somebody dropped off a bunch at the thrift store and I scooped them all up and considered it a sign.
At Conan's suggestion - "You want them to look cluttered and natural, like they've always been here? Just start hanging them up without any plan." - I just grabbed some Hercules hooks and started hanging.
Now I just have to finish it...
I'm thinking something kind of contemporary looking for the other wall just to switch it up but I don't really know. Suggestions?
Next up!
See those dirty looking jugs in the bottom left of this picture from our trip to Tennessee?
My sister and I each took a few home with us and up until the recent snow storm forced me to stay inside, they had been sitting on our front porch. I spent the other day cleaning them with CLR, bleach and some strange contraption I fashioned out of a piece of wire and a Brilo pad.
I really like them on the dining room table. It's such a huge table and since (surprise!) I haven't done anything to it, I think it helps it not look so bad?
Pro tip from my mom: Apparently, if you're trying to clean something you can't get your hand down in, use rice and vinegar and swirl it all around. Wish I woulda' thought of that!
One last thing!
During the aforementioned "Blizzard of Oz" this past week, I managed to find an island for the kitchen on Craigslist for $35. Since it was kind of close to my parent's house, they went out and got it for me and delivered it safely to our house right before round two of the storm hit on Monday. They're the best!
I've wanted a small island for a while now (let's be real, it's ever since I watched all of My So-Called Life earlier this year. The Chase's kitchen is my dream kitchen. Seriously. I even bought french style preserves glasses liked they have on the show.)
I think I might take the wheels off because they don't have brakes and I might also add a giant, thick piece of butcher block to the top to compensate for the heigh I might lose. We'll see.
That's pretty much it 'round here. Next up?
Let all of this snow melt, get our spring on, and start working on the trailer again!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! From the looks of it, you've been pretty busy at the Bungalow! I LOVE your pergola - I've been thinking about doing something similar in our backyard.

  2. I feel like you could replace the wheels with some of those ball feet that you see on certain couches, that or replace them with wheels that have brakes on them. I would think adding another top would be more annoying.

    1. You know, I think I lean more toward the idea of locking casters; although, it's not too bad as is, just wiggles a little as you use it.

  3. That making it look natural and like its been there forever thing is the hardest thing to do, but yours looks exactly that. Good job and glad you're back!

    1. Yeah, and the most annoying part is that you think you're doing everything randomly, and then you step back and notice that you've accidentally lined up all the bottoms of the frames or something and it just looks like you didn't know what you were doing. It took a little extra finessing to get everything to look natural, but I think it's a good start. Katherine's got another frame she was working on last night, so we'll have to shoot another photo once everything's up.


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