Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy (almost) Birthday, bathroom!

Buckle your seatbelts, folks because we're about to go back in time!
Can you believe it's been almost two years since we began the never-ending journey of remodeling the bathroom...
And almost one year since we finished
It was a long year of showering in the basement...
Doing all of the tile that's ever existed...
and just good, old fashioned excitement...
But it was all worth it in the end to have the most beautiful bathroom ever!
If you want to take a trip down memory lane, you can read all about it HERE.
So, what did we do to celebrate? Did we bake a bathroom cake and have a bathroom themed party? Not quite. Although that would have been pretty fun!
Instead, we got the bathroom a couple of presents that have been a long time coming.
A towel rack from an architectural salvage store here in town and a little, glass shelf from Fixture Universe to go under the mirror!
In case you're wondering, we'd been sitting a towel on the edge of the sink or hanging it across the room on the bathroom cabinet for the past year while I searched far and wide for the perfect towel rack. This one came along and now you can dry your hands like an adult human!
Hoo-ray for progress!
The little shelf was a long time coming because I'm cheap and a firm believer in slow decorating.
I had my eye on this one from Restoration Hardware for the past year but 1) it wasn't brass and 2) it was never on sale enough to justify buying it.
This brass is super shiny right now but so were those switch plates when we first got them and now look at 'em. Lovely, lovely tarnished brass.
It's sooooo handy having our stuff up off of the sink. Even though it's a huge sink, when there's a cat that likes to walk around the edge trolling for water, it got mighty scary having anything breakable sitting on it.
There's still a lot left to do in this room decorating-wise but I'm obviously in no hurry : )
This was going to be a mega long post including some stuff about our other project Lamphouse Photo Co. and how the trailer is coming but speaking of that trailer, it's a beautiful day outside and I should be working on it!
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Until next time!
Keep Smiling


  1. Hello! I have never commented but really like your blog. I have a very similar sink in storage for my "dream" bathroom, (whenever that happens) and it has the same kind of water spout that comes out of the actual sink like yours. My other half is very concerned about not having a "real" water spout. How do you like it and does it give enough water to efficiently rinse hands, etc?

    1. Well hi there! Thanks for reading and commenting! We were concerned as well about how the water was going to come out of that weird spout. Would it trickle out? Would we be rubbing our hands against the back of the sink? And I'm happy to report that, so far, I have no complaints! The water comes out with plenty of force and it works great for washing hands and brushing teeth. Good luck with your bathroom remodel (whenever it happens)!

    2. For some reason my name showed up as anonymous before....Thanks for the info, it may be icing on the cake to go for it.


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