Friday, March 15, 2013

Sprucing up the Master Bedroom Part 1 (of one million)

Have I ever posted about our master bedroom? I don't think I have. Hmmmm I wonder why?
Oh, right! Because it's (excluding the sunroom) the worst looking room in the house. Riiiiight!
That up there is what we've been staring at for an embarassing amount of time now. And before you say anything, not that you would, but...Yes, we have a TV in the bedroom and Yes, it is everything I've ever dreamed of. I watch Bob's Burgers on Hulu Plus from the comfort of my own bed and it's fantastic. Fantastic I say!
But I digress.
Let's begin at the beginning long before "cord corner" came to be!
When we first moved in this was what we were workin' with:
This was actually the first room we painted.
We also had that light fixture hanging very um...sideways from the ceiling.

We replaced both of the overhead lights in the bedroom with really simple porcelain ceiling fixtures and these pretty bulbs from 1,
We also didn't have a headboard for the better part of three years...
(sorry for the pic. this was pre- space phone and apparently I was too lazy/ashamed to take a real picture.)
My mom and I remedied that situation with a few yards of fabric, some foam and a piece of plywood
When it came time to put something above it, I asked Conan to enlarge a slide photo that he had come across at work that I had fallen in love with (awkward pictures fascinate me). He asked the owner's permission, she said "sure!" and we had a frame made at a place here in town to put it in...
We also got these throw pillows when we bought our gray couch and they were this awful blue and silver and brown color so I bought two pillow covers from Hobby Lobby for $7 each and just shoved the whole dang pillow down in there. Success!
Which brings us conveniently back to the "cord corner" sitch.
About a month ago, I came across a little cabinet at the Goodwill for $5 and I bought it for this corner.
I wanted to paint it a really bright, bold color to go with the headboard but I didn't want to throw down $15 on a quart of paint for a $5 cabinet.
Luckily, my procrastination paid off. Kind of.
Last weekend, our local ACE Hardware gave away free quarts of paint (tinted any color you want) to each customer! I got up bright and early and went to pick out my color. Unfortunately, the paint they were giving away was FLAT ENAMEL. Womp womp!
Whatever. Free paint.
I picked the color "Fiery Coral"
and here's the damage after one coat:
It doesn't look that bad but the flatness was really bummin' me out so I put on another couple of coats, let it dry REALLY good and then put on two coats of clear polyurethane...
 I wasn't sure if it would work or not but it did fine! Flat enamel problem solved!
I spray painted the little knob things from silver to gold and then voila!

I was a little concerned about it being too orange-y while I was painting it in the sunroom but it looks great in the bedroom and the color is slowly growing on me.

My mom helped me install a cord cover for the mess that was hanging out of the TV and now it looks about ONE MILLION times better.



And the picture sitting there?

Another slide Conan found at work that I fell in love with and just had to have framed. It's a guy, giving his girlfriend a noogie next to a trash can in front of some mountains.

So if you ever want to give me a present, just remember that I like awkward pictures of women rejecting men's advances in beautiful locations...from the 1950's.

Ya' know, just FYI.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's almost 80 degrees outside and the exterior lights on the trailer WILL NOT work for some unknown reason >: \
Mega frustrating.

More on that at a later date, though.

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Wow, that is a serious improvement!! I came across your blog and love it! I hope you'll check mine out too when you get the chance!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nicole! I'll definitely check out your blog when I have a free moment!

  2. Someone in that house before you guys really loved either the Vikings or the Lakers, because there is no other explanation for that color combination.

    I am so jealous of all of you folks that find amazing stuff at Goodwill for so cheap. I saw a cabinet that looked somewhat like that, but was majorly damaged. The thrift store wanted $200. Yikes! I love the result with the orange. And where can I get one of those cord hidey things?

    1. Ha! I never thought of that! Yeah, it's kind of hit or miss with the Goodwill. The thing I fail to mention is that I go CONSTANTLY and I almost never find anything cheap enough for me : ) This was pure luck! I got the cord hider thing at The Home Depot. It was a kit and it was $11 but you can buy them in a single, long piece for like $9 bucks or so. They're a godsend!

    2. I need them all over our new condo. We have like 1000 outlets, which is awesome, but there are cords EVERYWHERE.

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