Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowy Spring & Volvo Street Racing

Oh geez, you guys. This weather. It's KILLIN' me.
One day it's 80 degrees and we're trottin' the Shorty around and the next it's this
Crappy cell phone pics of fresh pow pow.
Whatever! As any weatherman/woman in Kansas is quick to point out, we need the moisture like whoa so everybody can just deal with all of the gray days and drippy gutters drippin' all over your dang head (personal pet peeve).
On the bright side, being stuck inside means you have an excuse to do all of those things you've been putting off for forever. Those tiny projects that you've been putting off for forever and when you're stuck in close quarters with them, they burrow into your brain and you have no choice but to do them. My tiny, brain-burrowing project? This picture.
It has sat on the shelf behind our couch since we bought it a couple of years ago.
You can barely see it in that picture and there's a reason for that. See, we bought this amazing picture of a car, presumably in the 70s or 80s, racing through the streets of downtown Wichita from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $5 a couple of years ago and although it is amazing, the frame and the frosted glass were notsomuch.
It made it look all cloudy and perpetually dusty even though it wasn't and it didn't let the true awesomeness of this picture shine through. Seriously. I mean, 70s? Volvo? Street Race? Wichita? These are all components of an awesome picture that people should see.
So, about a week ago I got super motivated around 9 o'clock at night and whipped out the Rub N' Buff and started rubbin' and buffin' this hunter green frame that I got at the Goodwill many moons ago.
Then I walked around singing "He loves Goooooold!!!" for a few minutes
Good times.
So, I had this brilliant plan to frame a piece of this wrapping paper I bought at Tar-jay around Christmas. It was Rodarte and it was black, with a moon, and it was awesome BUT
it just would NOT fit in that frame. No matter what, some of that lovely moon was going to be cropped out and that was just not acceptable. Someday, fancy wrapping paper, someday...
So, instead I had a flash of genius and decided to FINALLY re-frame the Volvo Street Race picture
Conan did all of the glass-handling and framing because oh boy, glass-handling gives me the heeby-jeebies. I am TERRIFIED of getting cut by glass.
So now, there it sits. Lookin' much better if I do say so myself and because the non-reflective glass is gone you can actually see the awesome-ness of the picture which is why we bought it all along.

I can't decide if I'll leave it there or hang it somewhere. I like the size in that spot but I feel like it needs to be really seen. We'll see. Plenty of blank walls and plenty of time.
Another fun thing we did while cooped up inside?
A little Lamphouse Photo Co. work.
I call it work but it really was just a bunch of friends, hanging out, taking pictures.
We experimented with different lighting, poses and backgrounds
Conan got his picture taken instead of being behind the camera for a change...
Our friend Jeni made good use of that cat mask we've had lying around since forever
Jess (who writes a very, very funny blog It's Jess! Do yourself a favor and check it out, son!) did what she called the "Coal Miner's Daughter/Look at the Lord" pose. It was fantastic.
And I put on Conan's parka and tried to look waaaay cooler than I actually am.
Mission accomplished? Probably not.
Whatever. It was a hoot and we are DYING to get outside when the weather is nicer and start doing this stuff in the trailer and sharing with the good folks out there.
Until then!


  1. Love the volvo racing pic! That's fantastic! I always have trouble with where to hang our artwork. We've ended up with a big gallery wall effect, but I think it needs to be more cohesive. My husband just grabs a hammer and hangs stuff up without considering the spacial relationship to the other artwork. But, I can't complain, I'm certainly not jumping up on the ladder to hang stuff up.

    1. Thanks! I have a LOT of trouble hanging pictures, too. We have almost nothing hanging on any of our walls. I always start to do something and then I get scared and can't decide and it never gets hung. As for your husband's method, I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the bathroom gallery wall post but Conan said that if you want something to look like it's always been there you should just hang things as you get them without really planning/laying things out. Maybe there's something to that? : )


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