Friday, April 5, 2013

Thrifted Camera Cabinet, Cool Bed, Shameful Sunroom Secrets

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but we kind of like cameras around here.

Correction: I (Katherine) kind of like cameras. Conan LOVESSSS them with four s's.

Home skillet has worked at a camera store of one variety or another for the past bazillion years and in his spare time, he started a business with me where we will *hopefully* do is just drive around and take people's pictures all day and night.

So, it comes as no surprise that there are a LOT of cameras around our house.
Pretty ones that deserve a nice home.

Well folks, earlier this week I closed on a home for Conan's cameras and let me tell you, it's quite charming.

I found it at the DAV thrift store and I loff it soooo much!
I have been searching Craigslist for a long time for something to put Conan's cameras in but I had pretty much resigned myself to finding a cheap curio cabinet and painting it or something.
Never in my wildest dreams did I actually think I would find a perfect piece for a pretty good price!

What was the price, you ask? I know you're just dying to know what my idea of "pretty good price" is and the damage was...

I was really torn and I walked around the DAV for quite a while texting Conan and trying to decide if it was worth it. In the end, my love of old furniture won out over my frugality.
I mean, LOOK AT IT!

It's a little scraped up on the doors (NOWHERE near the keyhole, strangley enough) and the glass is broken in the corner but I don't care!
(P.S. if you have a good eye and noticed the missing decorative foot thingy, it was actually inside the cabinet - we just haven't glued it back on yet)

Conan still has a lot of cameras to dig out of some boxes upstairs and I have to figure out some sort of seating option for this corner now that the gray couch is gone.
Remember the gray couch?

It used to be across from the piano but now that spot is taken so we had to do some re-arranging.

Step one: We cleaned up the sunroom, moving our old TV out and into the attic
Step two: Make room for the TV in the attic by taking the old stove and putting it in the sunroom
Step three: Move the couch into the sunroom then sit on it and TAKE A BREAK!

Oh, sunroom. You are my dirty little secret. Here you sit with your weird collection of furniture and your awful, drafty windows and your little piece of stained floor : (
I have failed you.

Well, anyways. There it is, folks. My corner of crap. One of many, I'm afraid.
In it, you'll find our old bathtub, a vintage pram (because...reasons, I don't know!), two antique bed frames, an old table and a whole mess a old backpacks and bags.

At least it's moderately cleaned up now. Maybe someday, I'll have time to devote to our little penthouse view but until then. That's how it stays.

Here's a little flashback of what it looked like when we moved in with the black carpet and Virginia Creeper crawling in through the windows:


Speaking of antique beds and buying stuff you don't really need at thrift stores!
I keep meaning to mention that wood bed frame over in the corner.

About a month ago, I saw it at a thrift store marked down from $40 to $25.

I thought and thought about it and then one day, I decided to pull it out and have a look at it.

I was all set to push it back against the wall at the thrift store when I noticed something written on the back of the headboard.

It read:
Made by
Alfred Tinlef
Class of 1940

Some kid made this in SHOP CLASS! Can you believe that? It's incredible!

Don't hate me but I'm considering replacing the guest bed with this one. It's just so pretty! And what a neat story!

Anywho, that's today's lesson in crazy thrifting 101!
Hope you guys and gals have a terrific weekend!
It's finally feeling like spring here in Kansas so we're hopefully *fingers crossed* going to put the air conditioner on top of the trailer!

That's just the shroud up there. It's so awesome looking!
Betcha' can't guess what color we're going to paint the trailer. Nah, I betcha' totally can you bunch of smarty pantss, pantses, pants's? Whatever!

See you on the flippity flip, kids!


  1. My comments are being eaten OMG. I love that cabinet and the bed frame is amazing! I can't even imagine creating something like that. We also have a sunroom full of things but mine is much essier, drafty and the hardwood is unfortunately covered in three layers of linoleum. Anyway, I was going to tell you that some howards feed & wax and restore-a-finish might buff out all the noticeable scratches and make it look new again! I have also used brown magic markers to cover scratches in hardwood floors, but don't tell my old landlord.

    1. Yeah, the blog monster has been doing that a lot lately. Sorry : / Anywho, thanks! And I do NOT envy you on the lineoleum situation. We pulled up a few layers in the kitchen and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I've actually got some Howard's laying around here somewhere so I will have to give it a going over with that. Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking of trying one of those little scratch crayon thingys for the scrapes on the front of the cabinet. P.S. it's nice to know we're not the only ones with a tub that's not in a bathroom ; )

  2. P.s. we also have a bathtub in our dumping room. Ha!

  3. OMG you're back! Being that I am a sporadic poster myself, I hadn't noticed that you were back to posting. Hooray! Anyway, I loooove your cabinet too! And also that bed rocks! I wish I had walls in our office so I could properly set up the guest room. Although I definitely shouldn't start shopping just yet. Yeah, our dumping piles shrink and grow exponentially. My master closet has a cutout into the eaves of the house and it's just filled with crap. And my office is embarrassing at best. Why do we still have my husband's old virus ridden computer on the desk? No idea. I guess I should be cleaning that up instead of commenting, but... oh well. :)

    1. Yes, we're back in the blogosphere! It's good to be back and good to hear from you! It's usually just when I feel like I've got the dump room cleaned up and in a good place that we start something else and it turns into a mess. When we went in there the other day I was like, "I swear it wasn't this dirty! I cleaned this at some point!" And no, you should always comment first, clean up later : )

  4. Such a cool bed! Do you think you could find the man, he might still be alive???

    1. He'd probably be about 90 if he's still alive, so it's possible he could be found. But I can believe that no one in his family would have wanted to hang on to that bed. Kids these days, you know?

  5. Great job! Looks beautiful! I’m a new follower and would be happy if you follow beds with mattress sale

  6. The pictures can tell that your sunroom has been neglected for quite some time now. It was great that you’ve found the time to clean it and organize all the stuff there. Well, all it needs is a little makeover. You have many great things to display there. I know it would be wonderful!
    Nida Eisner @ All County Exteriors


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