Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Trip to the Barn, Sink Success!

I don't know what it's like where you guys are but here in the ol' wheat state it has been (was when I drafted this yesterday) unseasonably warm. Like, over 60 degrees warm. Like, get outside as much as possible because this ain't gonna' last for long, warm. Unfortunately that came to an end today but for a few precious days, productivity was turned up and we were able to get lots done around the house. Namely, the little toilet closet that could. 

When you last laid eyes on the terlit under the stairs it was lookin' kinda' meh.

But in just a matter of a few days here and there (dad vacation days to be exact) it is starting to look a little bit like a real room!

As I mentioned, my dear, sweet, awesome, funny, smart, old dad was kind enough to spend part of his hard-earned vacation framing in the left side of the room. (Am I laying it on too thick, dad? Just thick enough?) 

My dear, sweet, kind, adorable mother (too thick?) went to Lowe's with me on Saturday so we could load up on plumbing to move the toilet pipe from its original location over to the left where it is now and so we could go ahead and run the hot and cold water from the other side of the basement, under the stairs and to where we *hoped* the sink would be. 

That's right.
See, we still hadn't found a sink as of this weekend and aside from my one sad attempt at Architectural Salvage, we hadn't really had time to look for one. Craigslist was coming up empty so I recommended a trip to an antique store about an hour's drive away.

Since our weather has been amazing lately, I figured it would be a good time to take the Grand Wagoneer for a country drive and see if we could find ourselves a sink.

I called first and after hearing that they had "only about 25 sinks" ~only~ I figured it would definitely be worth the hour drive. 

*it should be noted that this is only one small section of two entire buildings worth of stuff

Antique scythe anyone? 

You can see a little more of a different room in this photo that Conan took while I walked around like 


So anyway, about the sink. 

Remember when I mentioned that I just didn't feel comfortable paying $45 for that sink a few weeks ago because I knew that eventually I would find a better fit for a better price. Well, read 'em and weep y'all: 

I am in love. I cannot wait to get that lil' guy (permanently) on the wall and start washing some hands in a proper bathroom instead of just a toilet closet! 

Now, if you're so inclined, gaze upon a different kind of beauty. After our trip we were on such a sink buyin' high that we drove out to the Marion Reservoir and Conan took some pictures. It's a beautiful place and it was such a nice way to say goodbye to the nice weather. 

This is a rare thing in Kansas: a day with virtually no wind!

Mountains are great and oceans are neat but the sunsets in Kansas are just...sherbet colored. Sherbet-y?

Thanks for coming on a little trip with us! Stay warm!


  1. It's a scary looking place but also kind of looks like a gold mine! Niice. Hoarders or hunters.

    1. Oh not scary at all in actuality. The guys there are super friendly and even remembered when we'd bought a tub from them a couple of years back. Can't recommend them enough.

  2. Just found your blog! You guys are doing great things with your house. And, then I thought, "Hey! I wonder if they have a trailer!" and what do you know?!

    My husband and I converted a church in Halstead, KS into our home back in 1998. In the past couple of years we have also gotten into renovating vintage trailers. My husband has spent the last year turning a 1960s Streamliner into my craft studio. I've been tracking the progress on my blog. It's always fun to find people who share our interests!

    1. Hey fellow Kansas trailer fixer-upper! A house in a church? That is soooooo cool! And let me just say, after a quick glimpse at your blog that your trailer is incredible! We should totally find a way to do a trailer meet-up sometime, a trailer rally if you will : )


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