Wednesday, January 15, 2014!

I don't know if you guys have ever had to remove plaster and lath from a room in your house before but suffice it to say, that stuff sucks. I mean, it serves a purpose and it's lasted (giant cracks and missing pieces notwithstanding) for almost 100 years in our old house. Removing it though, still pretty much sucks. Which is why this next "toilet closet" milestone is especially thrilling. 


That's right! Our once shameful, little toilet closet is now starting to look like a real bathroom complete with real walls and a real floor and even light switches that work! Yee-haw!
*flip lights on, flip lights off, flip lights on, flip lights off*
^^ That's me and/or Conan at least once a day^^
It's the little things, people. 

My parents came back from their annual trip to see our family in Tennessee and Alabama (hey, sis!), slapped us out of our Christmas-induced ham coma and got down to biz-ness.

When we left off, it still looked pretty rough.

Basically all of the plumbing was done, as well as most of the framing. 

Now that it's starting to take shape, you can see where the sink will be as well as how the whole, heating duct situation was resolved. 

Also, since this is such a small room I asked my dad to build me a little built-in shelf thing for toilet paper and makeup. And if you ever wondered how small this bathroom was...

We had to go outside to take a picture through the window!

Ta-da! Over-the-toilet nook-age. Noice. It's about a foot or so deep and tall enough to have a shelf in the middle with storage above and below. I loff it. I loff it A LOT. 

Like I mentioned, it's right above where the toilet will be situated. Which will be super duper handy. 

And that's pretty much where we are now! It's turning out so, so great and I'm really pumped to start thinking about painting and tiling. Stay tuned for more progress! 


  1. Congrats! Having an extra toilet closet in our house probably saved our marriage. (Someone has his own pooping bathroom complete with venting fan...) After mudding, you're in the home stretch!

    1. It'll definitely be nice having a second bathroom again. There's been many-a-time we've come home together and both started up the stairs only to turn to each other and say, "Wait, number one or number two?"

      And unfortunately, we won't be ventilating our new poopin' closet, but hopefully the window will be open-able for a change, and we always keep some matches handy down there--just watch for flare-ups you know.

    2. So, now you all know more than you ever wanted to know about our...waste removal strategy.

  2. Love the little nook. I'm a sucker for built-ins. Long ago, when we were house hunting, I would fall in love with houses solely based on their built-ins.

    1. Yeah, my mom is a big proponent of the built-in nook. They literally have one in every room of their house post-remodel. Surprisingly (or not) our old house has VERY little storage so I'm learning to love them more and more. STORAGE!!!!


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