Monday, January 20, 2014

David Bazan Living Room Show AGAIN!

Remember when, a couple of years ago we had a very special guest come and play a show in our living room and the months leading up to it were spent hurriedly finishing the Accidental Kitchen Remodel?

Well, it looks like we have found ourselves in almost the exact same (very cool) position again! 

A couple of weekends ago, we were asked if we would like to host a David Bazan living room show for the second time! 

Of course we said yes and as you can see from the date on that lovely picture up there, we have exactly 
to finish the downstairs powder room.
Hooray for deadlines! 

So, if you want to come hang out with us and hear some righteous tune-age (that's what the kids are calling it these days, right?) you can get tickets by going here: 

They officially go on sale TODAY!! so get ye to a computer and order-eth those tix post-haste!

Can't wait to see some of your smiling faces, hopefully!

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