Monday, February 17, 2014

Say it with a rug

Happy Monday! Happy President's Day! Happy belated Valentine's Day! 
Happy whatever! 

Sorry for all of the "happy"s but I'm still floating on cloud 9 after my Valentine's day. First, let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a Valentine's person. NOT. I explicitly asked for nothing from Conan and I was totally fine with getting that. I don't know why I can't get into Valentine's, maybe it's all of the pink and red, but I just can't.

So anyway, as I said, I requested that we do nothing for Valentine's day this year but Conan had other plans. On Friday morning, we left for work at the same time and as I pulled out of the driveway, I saw Conan walking down the street towards work. Well, that little sneak went around the block, came back home, got in the Jeep and went and bought me this at Target: 

Every time we go to Target and stroll around and talk (does anybody else do that for fun?) I see this rug and say, "Man, that's a hot rug." Well, somebody was listening. I was in shock when I came home to see this and a note wishing me Happy Valentine's Day. So, there's that. My Valentine's was just amazing. It also included Chinese food and homemade cookies but that's another story for another blog. 

Now, you might have noticed all of the National Geographic magazines lying around over there and that's kind of Conan's Valentine's Day. 

You guys probably remember our living room shelves that were pretty much built specifically for Conan's lifelong National Geographic collection. 

Well, since that picture was taken ^ we've gotten enough in the mail to push us past those three center sections. So, on Thursday when Conan saw that someone had donated their Natty G collection to the thrift store nearby, he made a list of all of the issues he was missing and we went and got enough to start filling in the left side. 

It was a tough call for him because at 45 or 65 cents each, they added up pretty quickly but he narrowed it down to about $15 worth and last night, he took out all of the Art Forum magazines...

And started replacing them with his new (and original collection) National Geographic magazines. 

I should mention that when we originally built the shelves we thought that Conan had enough Natty Gs to go across the entire top. Almost five years later, we are moving into the left section and hopefully by the time we have grand-kids, we will have them across the entire top section ; ) 

In other news, most of the trim is up in the powder room! Huzzah! 

It's looking better and better in there thanks to the ol' mom and dad and I need to hurry up and finish this post so I can get down there and start sanding/filling holes/priming. Will we make it in time for the David Bazan living room show (which, btw there are still tickets for HERE  if you want to get an in-person look at our glorious toilet closet)? Who knows! I'm hopeful but I'm not delusional. Which is a rare change of pace for me. 

All that said, we celebrated a very important milestone this weekend as our youngest fur baby turned the big THREE. 

So, happy birthday Shorty Waffles Chamomile Biscuit! We loff you a lot and yes, the rug was your birthday present ; ) 

Have a great Monday/week everybody! 

Keep Smiling!

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