Monday, October 19, 2009

Interior Tour

We had taken some photos on the walkthrough, but rather than post those, I'll show you some photos that I took the first week that we had the house.  We hadn't moved in yet, because we had to repair the flue for the water heater and patch a couple of leaky pipes in the basement--credit for this goes to Katherine's mom who brought over her plumbing kit and with a few dollars worth of parts from the neighborhood Ace Hardware got everything going.

This is our living room. The wood looks alright in photos but it was honestly pretty heavily stained and marke.  The floor, however, was evidently refinished sometime in the semi-recent past and was actually in pretty good shape; everyone that comes in says, "oh did you refinish these yourself?"  You can also see our beautiful old windows that still contain mostly original glass--nice and wavy.

Here you can see our fireplace and mantle. Through the door to the right is our dinning room which is painted a slightly darker shade of purple.  You can also see our very nice sort of knock-off Danish Modern chairs; the one by the fireplace was $19.95 at the DAV and the one in the dining room was part of a set for $40 off of craigslist.  

This is our main staircase (there's a servants staircase that leads up from the kitchen).  It's actually a little crooked due to the house settling a little over the years.

The view from our dining room back into the living room.  Note the doors.

Here's our kitchen.  You can note the water damage on the ceiling, which I watched closely for a few months after moving in without noticing any additional evidence of water penetration.  I believe at some point in the past the upstairs bathroom was partially remodeled after causing the damage here.   On the windowsill is a little plastic cow that we found in the basement, shrink-wrapped and covered in dirt.  All in all though, the kitchen is good looking so it'll do for now, but it's on the list of rooms needing a remodel.

Another view of the kitchen.  You can see the back room that eventually became our laundry room. The electric oven works well and gets very hot; however, when we moved in there was no 220V outlet for it, only a gas-pipe sticking up through the floor.

Here's a view from the upstairs hallway showing, left to right, the "master" bedroom, the future office, and the future guestroom. The hallway, like the future guest room, is also white but it appears to be just painted over with primer.

And here's the "master" bedroom.  I think it was originally two rooms and they cut through the wall and added that archway.  This is the first room we painted, and you can see Katherine knocking the dust off the walls so we could get started with the Kilz. 

And at the back of the house is the sunroom, which was the only room in the house that was still carpeted.  Katherine tore it up one day and we shoved it out the windows.  The floors are very rough underneath, but Katherine's got some plans for it.


  1. you guys have completely inspired me to start posting our insane house remodel in progress. Although I'm pretty sure you are moving faster than we are. :)

    1. Do it! Do it! Do it! If nothing else, it's an awesome record to be able to show people someday.

  2. What an AWESOME house!!!!
    There's nothing like an old house. Our home was built in 1898 and we have lived here for 14 years. We have replaced all the wiring, worked on the plumbing, replaced the old coal boiler (it looked like a space ship!) and water heater, fixed all our broken original (wavy!) windows, stripped the wall to wall carpeting to reveal the original oak underneath, painted and speckled and painted some more! We are now about to begin a big renovation/addition/roof replacing job. The first thing we have ever hired someone else to do. Everything else has been DIY. :) I will be adding you to my Blogroll so I can continue to watch your progress! Good luck. :)

    1. Thanks! 1898! Wow! Now THAT'S an old house : ) Sounds like you're quite the DIYers! That is an insane amount of work. Hopefully in 14 years we will have accomplished as much as you have.


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