Saturday, December 26, 2009


Sorry for all the delay.  As you can imagine, December is a busy time for me to be working on a blog, especially when we still haven't any heat in the house, and the computer is in one room that stays particularly cold.  Anyway, I'm trying to get through all the catching up, so Katherine can start posting about the things that she finds interesting that are happening today.

For our honeymoon we went to Colorado and spent a couple of days around Fort Collins and then drove up through Denver to Estes Park and stayed at the Stanley for a night and then hiked around Rocky Mountain National Park for a few days.  It was an amazing trip, and there's not a time that I think about it that I don't want to immediately go back.  So much fun, and so beautiful.

Anyway, pictures:



  1. These are amazing pictures. Why haven't I seen these yet? I'm framing the one of you all hugging. God bless, Mom

  2. And she did frame it. She framed it good and put it on the piano.


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