Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bazan Living Room Show

So, the David Bazan show was last night and it was incredible. Just thought I'd throw these pictures Conan took on here so you guys can see what our house looks like with 50 or so people in it.

He played in front of the shelves. We moved one of the couches into the dining room and left the other in here.

Here's another view of the crowd and a little peak at what the whole room looks like (I'm lookin' at you, wierd little corner on the right where we watch TV).

The view from the dining room.

I know you're all thinking it, so I'm just going to come out and say it. What was it like in a house with no AC in Kansas in June with 50 bodies? It was hot. Not gonna' front. But these little fans that we made helped. So did having windows that actually opened.

I just like this picture.

Fun fact: Mr. Bazan brought his ADORABLE little girl along with him. She was such a trooper and mostly just hung out in the kitchen watching a movie. Our chalkboard fridge did get some use though. Her masterpiece was so good I even asked her to sign it. We might be looking at a famous artist someday.

She also really liked Maggie. And Maggie LOVED her.

After the show, some people stuck around and got things signed, chatted.

And got their pictures taken with David.

All in all it was amazing. Couldn't have been better. It was so fun to see everyone have a great time and enjoy this beautiful music in our house. It will always be a really special memory and a great story for us!


  1. This looks like hipster heaven. So happy for you :)

    1. Yup, this is it folks. If you're wondering, I've seen hipster heaven and it's in Wichita, KS surprisingly. : )

  2. great pics, love the intimacy of this event. i wish i could have been there...

    1. Thanks! Conan really is SUCH a better photographer than me. These pictures convey everything (except the temperature) perfectly. I wish you could have all been there, too!


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