Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tennis Racket Picture Frame DIY

You all know how I feel about slow decorating (if you don't, see this post). So it should come as no surprise that it's taken us nearly a decade to finally start hanging things on the walls. It may have taken me a while but in the past 4 months we've put more holes in this plaster than the previous 9 years combined.

And since the weather has been especially "stay your a$$ inside" this past week, I decided to tackle one tiny project to lift my spirits. 

I've had this photo pinned for years: 

I love it but since it's hard enough to convince myself to put on "real pants" these days, I figured I would skip the ~take the rackets to your local mirror shop and have them cut pieces to fit~ step and just hang the dang things on the wall. 

And use them as photo frames! 

One of our favorite rainy day activities is going to the big antique mall just outside of town and sifting through boxes of old snapshots and taking home just a few interesting ones each time. 

Don't you just love the girl jumping rope? 

The racket ain't too shabby either ; ) 

Conan tacked them up on the top inside and bottom inside to keep them from swaying if they're bumped. 

I originally wanted to put them in the kitchen but since we already have a little collection going in there, we decided it was overkill. 

There's a few photo booth pictures on here (of course!) and some others that I'm starting to collect: 
- Women holding dogs
- Pictures where you can see the photographer's shadow

There's a really neat article in the Atlantic about collecting snapshots that inspired those if you're looking for a fun little read. 

Girl drinking out of a paper sack while holding up a finger doesn't have a collection category yet but I couldn't pass her up - too sassy. 

Another thing we finally got off of the floor: 

Conan's guitars! The acoustic was just collecting dust in the guest room and the electric in the corner of the living room so we figured - pop those puppies up there and treat 'em like art. I really like how it warms up this corner and makes the room seem even taller. 

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed our (very) little project! 

Hopefully the weather takes a turn for the nice and we can get back to work on the exterior sometime soon. Until then, 

Keep Smiling! 

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