Thursday, October 6, 2011

In The Black

I think these french doors leading to the dining room were one of the first and only things that I was certain what I wanted to do with. In the month leading up to our house actually being ours we spent countless hours pouring over blogs and scouring the internet. Conan found Door Sixteen and we were both like, "Oh girl, this is it." Well, maybe I was a little more "Oh girl." than he was but whatever.
I saw her pocket doors painted black and I knew right then what had to be done.
By the way, Anna is the patron saint of painting what you want without fear.
I don't regret it for a second and yes, I was kind of timid at first but they look uh-may-zing. Especially with the light, light gray we painted the dining room.

Tools of the trade:

A little about the process:
When you're going to paint something such a dark color like black, you need to use a tintable primer. We went to Lowe's and got a quart of Valspar Interior Latex Enamel Undercoater and had them tint it a dark gray color so it would cover the wood and be easily covered by the black paint. Next, after you've taped over all of your hinges and knobs, get to priming.
Two coats did the trick and we still, to this day have almost all of that primer sitting in the basement!
We used Olympic Premium Exterior Latex Semi-Gloss in Black Magic. I know it seems like all blacks are black but you actually want one that isn't pure black. This one is almost a little gray, a little "turned down" if that makes sense. Two coats of that and you're done! Sit back and enjoy your handywork!


  1. I think they make a great statement, without stealin' the show.

  2. Thanks Katherine for all the info. Again, I LOVE how they look in your place ...


  3. You're welcome Jennifer, I hope that helps you decide whether or not to do it yourself. Good luck!


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